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The Top 8 Leadership Trends of 2024: #5 Hybrid Work

Post pandemic we have seen an ongoing duel between employees who don’t want to return to the office and leaders of organizations who are telling employees that they have to. As I’ve said for many years now, the best approach is a hybrid approach which is neither full-time at home nor full-time in the office.

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How ChatGPT Can Help You Conduct Killer Meetings

Lots of people have been signing up for new course, Leadership GPT: The Top 10 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT To Become A Better Leader which walks you through specific prompts, examples, and screen shares for how you can use ChatGPT in the day-to-ask aspects of your role. Today, I wanted to go over how leaders can use it for meeting preparation.

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8 Leadership Trends of 2024: #4 Focus On Skills NOT Jobs

For many decades we prioritized jobs over skills. If you had a degree in marketing and got a job as a marketing manager, then your career trajectory would be linear. You’d go from marketing manager to marketing director, senior director, VP, SVP, etc. Today, the trend is to focus on the skills you have and how those skills can be applied to a variety of jobs so that you can have more control over your career path.

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