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In 10 Years’ Time, Will The Majority Of Us Earn Income From Freelance Or Full-time Employment

Posted by on August 30, 2016

In 10 years’ time will a majority of us earn most of our income from Freelance employment or traditional Full Time employment? That is a question I asked on Twitter and the responses revealed that 75%-80% of the people polled believed that in 10 years Freelance or Gig work will account for a majority of the income for most of us. […]

Metrics And HR: How HR Works With Enterprise Analytics To Drive Strategy And Provide Value To Business Partners

Posted by on August 28, 2016

Jennie Carlson is the Executive and Chief Human Resource officer at US Bancorp. They are the 5th largest bank in the US, with 67,000 employees. Jennie has been with the company for 15 years and able to provide valuable insight in this week’s podcast. The HR department has a pyramid of shared services. The normal HR functions such as payroll, employee relations, and recruiting are along the baseline. As the pyramid climbs higher, talent development, advancement opportunities are the focus. At the very top, the message of how US Bancorp can use people and talent to drive the strategy of the organization cascades down and drives the actions of the entire department. Other topics this can include are organizational design and fostering a great employee experience to lead to a great customer experience. […]

Who’s Responsible for Creating A Sense Of Purpose?

Posted by on August 24, 2016

Purpose is the number one topic regarding corporate culture inside of an organization. There has been many debates on where the purpose inside our organizations comes from. Should the organization be responsible for creating purpose for their employees, or should employees just show up to work with it already driving them? For example, Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, believes that people do not have to choose their dream job, but they can choose any job and create a sense of purpose themselves. Other camps believe that a person should wait for that dream job, where the organization is responsible for creating the sense of purpose for the employee. […]

Why Diversity And Inclusion Are Crucial for The Success of Organizations Today

Posted by on August 22, 2016

Anka Wittenberg is the SVP and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at SAP, a software firm based in Walldorf, Germany. She holds master’s degrees in economics and international business and is a mother of three. That last note is what helped launch her career since holding two master’s degrees was not enough to get her an interview with the larger firms in Germany just because she also had small children. This one difference between Anka and the rest of the workforce is what opened her eyes and showed her the need for more diversity and inclusion in the workforce. This observation has helped Anka become a guest lecturer, author and advocate for true diversity and inclusion in the workforce. […]

The CHRO Of 24 Hour Fitness On Relationship Based Leadership

Posted by on August 15, 2016

Beth Taska is the EVP of Human Resources for 24 Hour Fitness, which was founded in 1979 and has over 400+ locations and over 23,000 employees serving 4 million club members. She has held the CHRO (Chief HR Officer) title and Senior HR positions for corporations such as Clearwire, Gap and Sears. Beth’s career path was not of the norm, she holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a graduate degree in Public Administration and worked for several municipalities around the Chicago area before beginning her career in the HR world. […]

Activity Based Working, What Is It and Are You Using It?

Posted by on August 12, 2016

Is your organization using it? What exactly is activity based working? Activity based work is work that is focused on the activity that you are doing. What does that mean, well we work in many ways and usually in a couple of environments. On average we can perform up to 21 different activities on any given work day and many of us are performing these tasks within a cubical or open floor plan. So we are working in one designed workspace to perform 21 different activities which doesn’t make much sense. Activity based working is where the focus is on the activity you are trying to complete. In other words, you work within a space designed for a particular activity and only that one activity. So you would have a different space to hold conferences, another space to collaborate with co-workers, another space for quiet contemplation and so forth. […]

4 Tips on How to Avoid Email & Social Media Over Load

Posted by on August 9, 2016

In today’s day and age with many of us being “Flexible Workers” it is very easy to become exhausted or overwhelmed with notifications from social media and email. We are all using technology as much as possible and it can keep us from actually being productive! It is hard to imagine that this is even possible but if you don’t put fail-safes in place you will find yourself exhausted by the end of the business day and then realize you have not actually gotten any real work done. […]

How Millennials Are Changing The Way Organizations Recruit And Retain Top Talent

Posted by on August 7, 2016

Bask Iyer is the chief information officer of VMware and serves as the company’s senior vice president. Prior to VMware Bask was the chief information officer for Juniper Networks and held the same position at Honeywell and GlaxoSmithKline Beechcam. He is an industry veteran with more than 25 years experience within the Silicon Valley based technology firms and more traditional Fortune 100 manufacturing companies. […]

A Story About Two Executives

Posted by on August 4, 2016

To educate and train or not to educate and train, this is NOT a new question but a tricky one for employers today. The historic perspective has been concerned with the cost of educating and training employees along with the tenure of those employees that companies have invested time and money in. Then what to do if they don’t invest time and money in employees and those employees then stay with the company. Everyone can agree you have to educate and train employees it is a necessity for a successful company. […]

When It Comes To Technology, Sometimes We Have To Focus On The Little Things

Posted by on August 2, 2016

With today’s technology we find ourselves with smart phones, smart cars, smart homes and many new and ever advancing technologies. While all of these time saving advances are fascinating and intriguing we often overlook the little things, the basics that make all of these technological advances possible. The steady WiFi connection, functioning power supplies, docking stations that actually dock, printers that print. It’s these basic, little things that make all of our time saving technologies function properly. The simple act of taking a step back to consider why your smart phone, smart car or smart home work can save you a lot of frustration.[…]

Accenture’s Chief Information Officer On How To Enable The Digital Workforce And The Digital Worker

Posted by on August 1, 2016

Andrew Wilson is the Chief Information Officer at Accenture. He leads the company’s global IT operations, where his work helps Accenture enable businesses with increasingly advanced technology. Andrew also aids all of Accenture’s 400,000 workers (this includes guest and contract workers) by making sure all of the technology is running, keeping them connected, productive, and happy as well. Post- Millennial digital services, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, has set the bar on what Enterprise services must deliver for their employees and customers. Legacy technologies, such as email, are still being used, but are not the focus as the digital experience grows. […]

New Workspace Designs Require New Management Designs

Posted by on July 28, 2016

Many organizations are experimenting with new physical space designs. Management structures need to be redesigned to go along with these new office spaces, but this often gets overlooked. Why is this necessary? When organizations are originally designed, they reflect how managers actually manage. Thinking about a traditional cubical environment, employees and managers are used to private working time, and not a lot of open collaboration during the work day. If this environment was redesigned to be an open space, then management and employees will struggle keeping the same work habits in the new space. […]

Developing The Employee Of The Future

Posted by on July 24, 2016

Frank Tucker is the Chief People Officer of Taco Bell. Working with the company for the last 23 years, Frank has made his way through the human resources department. He has worked in designing employee processes, methods, tools and technology, and has become the Chief People Officer in 2012. Taco Bell owns approximately 900 stores, which represents 40,000 employees. A huge part of their business is with their many franchisees. This adds another 6,000 stores, employing an additional 160,000 people. Because they are located in all 50 states, it is hard to imagine anyone not being familiar with Taco Bell. […]

Is Your Company Focusing On People Analytics?

Posted by on July 22, 2016

This video is coming to you from Zurich, Switzerland. I just had a client meeting where the topic of this video was discussed in detail, which is all around people analytics and the future of work. People analytics is the art and science of understanding how and why your employees work. Think about all of the questions that can pertain to your employees and organization. Some questions that may come to mind are, which teams are preforming well, what is driving employee engagement, and when should employees have conversations about career advancement. Now, think about all of the answers to these questions. It could make one person’s head spin! Many organizations run into challenges when trying to figure out what to do with all of the data collected inside our organizations. […]

Why Do We Care About College?

Posted by on July 19, 2016

Recently I was speaking at an Education Conference in Malaysia. After my keynote, I joined in on a panel conversation. The moderator asked everyone, “Why do we think people go to school?” When it was my turn to hold the mic, I answered with the word, “fear.” So many of us are obsessed with school because we are scared to think about what would happened if we didn’t go to school or get good grades. Imagine a world where the top companies stated they did not care if their employees went to school, had degrees or did well at their universities. Would people still put the time and money into their education? […]

The CEO of Automation Anywhere on How Robotic Process and Automation will Transform the Workplace

Posted by on July 18, 2016

Mihir Shukla is the CEO of Automation Anywhere, an enterprise software company. They are redefining how work gets done by introducing the idea of a digital workforce platform and digital workers that work alongside human employees. This combination is designed to help the human employee accomplish more than they ever could alone. Automation Anywhere has 300 hundred employees in 10 offices worldwide. Mihir’s goal is to become one the world’s largest employer without having any employees. How will they accomplish this? Projections show in the next four years, Automation Anywhere will reach 3 Million software bots worldwide which are producing at the capacity of 3 Million people. While they are a software company, the production levels are so high that they are the world’s largest employer in the digital age. […]

How Cisco’s Chief People Officer Creates A Human Organization

Posted by on July 11, 2016

Francine Katsoudas is the Chief People Officer of Cisco, one of the most forward thinking organizations on the planet when it comes to designing employee experience and thinking about the future of talent. Cisco was started in 1983, and now has 70,000 employees in over 170 countries. It began as a networking company and moved into collaboration/video. They are a very philanthropic organization… one of the current projects in Francine’s sector is called Corporate Social Responsibility. It offers networking academies around the globe that help students learn technology. In the last year, they trained a million students! […]

What Would Happen If HR Was The Biggest Team In Your Company

Posted by on July 7, 2016

I am constantly amazed at the size of human resource teams that companies continue to have. The small amount of resources that HR people and talent related functions receive, especially at massive global organizations, is quite shocking! In an organization with 50-100 thousand employees or more, it is not uncommon for the HR team to be only 100 or so people to support all of those employees. I’m wondering what would happen if HR was the biggest team instead of sales or marketing. If we devoted the most people and resources to HR, how would an organization be restructured? […]

Creating An Engaged Organization By Focusing On Sustainability In The Workplace

Posted by on July 3, 2016

Kathrin Winkler is the Chief Sustainability Officer at EMC, a massive global organization that offers products that enable customers to store, manage, protect, and analyze data. EMC started with helping businesses store data but evolved as the economy has transformed into the digitization of everything. It is a $25 billion company with 70,000 employees all over the world. […]

Why The Future Of Work Is All About Us Living And Working In A More Transparent World

Posted by on June 30, 2016

Glassdoor is a career website that is like a TripAdvisor or Yelp for organizations. All you have to do is search for the name of almost any company and it will reveal a wealth of information like employee salaries and reviews, pictures of offices, CEO approval ratings, and even benefit details. So nearly anything you would want to know about an organization can be seen, for free! The information on Glassdoor is shared by employees about the organization where they work. This exceptional amount of transparency is great if you have a wonderful place to work. However, if you have unethical practices and don’t treat your employees well that will also be uncovered! […]

What Is The Number One Thing Keeping Us At Our Jobs

Posted by on June 29, 2016

The research I’ve been doing lately has me starting to wonder…why do we stay at our jobs? Honestly, I think that the main reason that most people stay is because of money. If I told you today that you could leave the organization you were with and make the same amount of money doing your own thing, would you hesitate at all? Of course there are plenty of other reasons why people stay at their job, including having a sense of purpose, the feeling of community, and for the educational opportunities. But you don’t really have to rely on an organization for those things. They can all be found elsewhere. […]

Marshall Goldsmith On How To Drive Behavior Change

Posted by on June 26, 2016

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is one of world’s top business and leadership experts. He is the author of 35 books, including the most recent bestseller ‎Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts–Becoming the Person You Want to Be. This and another of Marshall’s books were ranked by Amazon as two of the top 100 leadership and success books of all times. In fact, he is the number one leadership thinker in the world! Around 1,500 people around the globe are certified in the process he uses for leadership coaching, and tens of thousands use the process. […]

Is Working Remotely Career Suicide?

Posted by on June 23, 2016

Jack Welch recently shared a post on LinkedIn in which he compared working remotely to career suicide. While it is not always easy to disagree with someone so respected and influential, I do disagree very strongly with the idea that working remotely will always kill your career. Of course, if you were to work in an organization that does not have the culture that accepts and encourages remote work then that could definitely be a challenge to maintaining your career. However, if your organization believes in and supports it, then working remotely should not be seen as an obstacle to advancing your career. […]