The Employee Experience Advantage

How to Win the War for Talent by Giving Employees the Workspaces they Want, the Tools they Need, and a Culture they Can Celebrate

Organizations that invest in employee experience are more productive, valuable, attractive, innovative, profitable, and have superior stock performance than those who don't. These "Experiential Organizations" crush the competition in every metric.

Backed by an extensive research project that looked at over 150 studies and articles, featured extensive interviews with over 150 executives, and analyzed over 250 global organizations, this book clearly breaks down the three environments that make up every single employee experience at every organization around the world (culture, technology, and physical space), how to design for them, and what the tangible ROI is. Filled with case studies, examples, and frameworks, The Employee Experience Advantage guides readers on a journey of creating a place where people actually want to show up to work.

The Future of Work

Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization (Wiley, Sept. 2014)

The Future of Work is all about challenging convention around work. It explores and answers several questions such as: How is the world of work changing and what are the trends driving that change? How are these changes impacting the way employees work, the way managers lead, and how organizations are structured? What needs to be done to adapt to these changes?

The future of work breaks down specific principles for employees, managers, and organizations to adopt in order to stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing world. Readers will find valuable examples, research, and unique visuals created specifically for this book. The Future of Work has been endorsed by the world’s top business leaders such as the CEO of KPMG, CEO of SAP, CEO of Intuit, CEO of Whirlpool, CEO of Schneider Electric, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, CEO of PARC, CEO of Zappos, Dan Pink, and Gary Hamel.

The Collaborative Organization

A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social and Collaborative Tools (McGraw Hil, 2012)

The Collaborative Organization is the first and only comprehensive strategy guide to enterprise/social collaboration in the workplace. It features over 300 pages of content covering topics such as developing and mapping use cases, selecting collaboration vendors, full strategy development, ROI, employee adoption, how to structure a collaboration team, and everything else you would need and want to build out a full-scale collaboration initiative.

The Collaborative Organization features data from an in-depth research project conducted by Chess Media Group as well as pioneering models and concepts around collaboration. The book was endorsed by business leaders such as the CEO of Unisys, CIO of the USA, CMO of Dell, Chair of the MIT Sloan Management Review, Founder and CEO of Craigslist, and many others. The afterword was written by Don Tapscott.