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The business world changes quickly and there’s no time to waste. Today you need fresh ways to think about solving complex problems. We offer you strategies you haven’t heard of, and curated information on current trends that’s actually helpful. Blake and Jacob have advised some of the world’s top companies and are now offering their ideas and research via thoughtfully designed online training programs. As speakers we know how important it is to make learning fun, interactive and engaging. That’s why we carefully crafted these programs for you so that you can learn and enjoy yourself at the same time!

Course Length: 3 hours

The Customer of the Future Course

With emerging technology transforming customer expectations, it’s more important than ever to keep a laser focus on the experience companies provide their customers. In The Customer Of The Future course Blake brings you the psychological, technical and experiential aspects of a customer strategy you can immediately apply at your own company.

Starts at $299

Course Length: 4-5 hours

The Future Leader Course

Drawing from interviews with 140+ global CEOs and a 14,000-employee survey, Jacob’s course equips tomorrow’s leaders with crucial insights. It spotlights 4 key mindsets and 5 skills for leading in today’s dynamic workplace. Extracted from corporate giants like Unilever and MasterCard, this course is a blueprint for organizational success.

Starts at $375

Course Length: 4-5 hours

Employee Experience Crash Course

Analyzed from 252+ global organizations, this course redefines employee experience as a key business trend. It uncovers the true influence of culture, technology, and physical space, proving engagement programs’ shortfalls. The aim is to foster an environment where employees WANT to be part of your organization, not merely NEED to be.

Starts at $499

Course Length: 4-5 hours

The Future of Work Fast Track

If you want to thrive in the future of work there are 12 skills you have to master and this course will teach out how to do just that. These include things like: learning to learn, thinking like an entrepreneur, collaborating, disconnecting from technology, having a growth mindset, and others. This program is designed for anyone looking to thrive in the new world of work.

Starts at $799

Course Length: 90 minutes

The Morgan’s 4 M’s of Entrepreneurship

The Framework to Become Your Own Boss. This is the same framework we used to build a 7-figure business And we want to share it with you!

Starts at $53

Course Length: 31 videos

The 31 Day Leadership Reset

31 videos where Jacob will share a leadership hack, tip, technique, or strategy from one of the world’s top CEOs.

Each video is 3-5 mins in length and is practical and actionable. You will learn what these world-class leaders are doing in their own personal and professional lives to be successful leaders.

Starts at $67


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