The Future of Work

with Jacob Morgan

A weekly show where Jacob has in-depth discussions with senior executives and business leaders around the world on the future of work.


Why Leaders Need To Think Like Futurists & What That Looks Like

Dr. Margaret Heffernan is the author of six books including Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious At Our Peril and Uncharted: How to Map the Future and Professor of Practice at the University of Bath. Margaret also has a TED Talk called The Human Skills We Need in an Unpredictable World which has been viewed over 3.6 million times.

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5 Self Sabotaging Behaviors That You Need to Stop Now

Self-sabotage is how we hurt ourselves, whether consciously or unconsciously, and keep ourselves from achieving our plans, goals, and dreams. Many, if not all of us, have sabotaged ourselves in one way or another. But the good news is, we can overcome sabotaging behaviors, it just takes self-awareness and effort.

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