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The Difference Between Purpose & Meaning and How to Create Both

Companies used to think that in order to attract and retain the best talent, they just had to offer perks and a nice paycheck. Now, it’s evident that employees care about more than just making money. They want a sense of purpose and meaning in their work and are often willing to take a pay cut to get them. We often see these two words go together and they are used interchangeably but what do they really mean and how can leaders and organizations create more purpose and meaning for their employees?

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Stanley Black & Decker CEO Says A Leader’s Job is to Humanize Everything

Years ago, there was an experiment where people rode a bicycle for a few hours and got comfortable with how it moved. Then, the researchers changed the bike so that when a person turned the handlebars to the right, the wheels went left, and when the person turned the handlebars to the left, the wheels went right. It was nearly impossible to adapt to the change, especially after the people were so used to riding their bikes a certain way.

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Thinking Like A Futurist is the #1 Skill For Leaders: Here’s How to Master It

What’s the top skill leaders need to succeed over the next decade and beyond? According to my interviews with more than 140 top CEOs, far and away the most needed skill is being able to think like a futurist.

Contrary to what some people believe, futurists don’t predict the future. Instead, they help make sure individuals and organizations aren’t surprised by what the future might bring. Thinking like a futurist involves looking at different possibilities and scenarios as opposed to picking one path and sticking to it.

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Top Challenges for Future Leaders

Leadership has always been challenging, but the future of work will bring fresh challenges to future leaders. Over the next decade, leaders will have to face obstacles and challenges not faced by current or past leaders. But what are those challenges? As part of the research for my new book, The Future Leader, I interviewed more than 140 top CEOs from around the world and surveyed more than 14,000 LinkedIn users. One of the questions I asked was about the challenges future leaders would face. From their varied and insightful responses, I broke the challenges down to two main areas: futurize and humanize.

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Want to Be a Great Leader? Become a Great Coach!

If you’ve ever played a sport or even watched a great team play, you know the importance of a good coach. Without a coach, even the most skilled players likely won’t reach their full potential. It takes someone with the vision to put the best team together, move people to the right positions, and train and encourage players to be their best to win championships. I interviewed more than 140 top CEOs for my new book, The Future Leader, and asked what skills they thought would be important for leaders in the next decade. Many of their most common responses fall under the skill of the coach, or translating those sports analogies to the business world.

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