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Learning How To Say No Is An Invaluable Skill

I used to say yes to every request, both personal and professional. If someone wanted to meet for dinner, pick my brain, or work together on a project, I always said yes.

But over time, I realized I was exhausted and depleted. I could never meet my goals for myself and my business because I spent all my time saying yes to everyone else instead of saying yes to myself.

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How A Brain Tumor Made This CEO A Better Leader

Before going into surgery Sheryl wrote two letters to her team: one telling them she would see them when she returned healthy in six weeks, and another asking them to make her proud and continue the work they had started, this is the letter her team would receive if she didn’t make it out of surgery.

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The Difference Between Employee Engagement And Employee Experience

What’s the difference between employee engagement and employee experience?

The same as the difference between updating a car by just painting the outside and replacing the entire engine. One method makes the car look nice, but the other actually improves its performance.

Employee engagement is popular, but it’s a short-term fix. Employee experience is a long-term solution that addresses the core of major issues.

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How To Turn Exhaustion Into Positive Energy

After months of a pandemic, stay-at-home orders, changed work schedules, and more, you’re likely feeling exhausted. And you’re not alone! Even without a pandemic, being an entrepreneur and balancing the many aspects of your life can be draining.
But it’s during these difficult times that we can see what we’re made of. These trials define who you are as a person and can be an opportunity to learn and grow.

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Are You Finding Time To Be Curious?

We often spend so much time surrounded by to-do lists, calendars, and endless meetings. But even with all that, are you finding time to be curious?

Curiosity is all about asking questions, challenging the status quo, and exploring new things. It’s also one of the most crucial skills for future leaders.

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What Are You Doing To Build Your Own Career Ladder?

For decades, we were taught that the only way to succeed was to climb the corporate ladder.

That meant starting as an associate inside an organization and then getting promoted as you paid your dues and slowly climbed the ladder. Eventually, you would get to a point where you and the people around you felt you were successful. Everyone followed that path because that’s what we thought it meant to have a good career.

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