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The Most Crucial Leadership Skill That Few Possess

Pattern recognition is a crucial leadership skill that enables leaders to make sense of their surroundings, anticipate potential outcomes, and make strategic business decisions in seemingly unfamiliar and unique circumstances. Those of you who read my content know that I’m an avid chess player and in chess, recognizing patterns is one of the pillars of the game.

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Help! My Leader Is A Jerk! What Do I Do?

“My leader is a jerk.” “My leader doesn’t get it.” “My leader hates me.” Whether it’s one of the statements above or something else, these are common things that I get asked. They all come down to the same thing, you and your leader are not getting along for whatever reason.

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Healthspan Versus Lifespan Inside Of Organization’s

Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with the concept of longevity which looks at healthspan and lifespan. Lifespan is how long you live and healthspan is the quality of your life in the years you have. While you can’t necessarily control how long you live, you can certainly do everything in your power to make sure your quality of life is high.

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Job Title vs Competence

You probably haven’t heard of Magnus Carlsen but he’s been the world chess champion for over the past decade. He’s also the highest rated chess player and champion in blitz (fast), rapid (medium), and classical (slow) chess. Needless to say at age 32 he’s considered to be the world’s greatest chess player ever.

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