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Why Go Daddy Doesn't Get It

Posted by on February 12, 2008

Go Daddy logo Technorati is currently tracking around 113 million blogs, that’s 113 million, that’s roughly one out of every three people in the United States (another 73 million in China, reference Blog Herald). With so many blogs floating around in cyberspace many people turn to platforms such as WordPress to help manage and create blogs. You would think that with WordPress being one of the most popular blog platforms that hosting companies such as Go Daddy would provide some sort of support to assist in blog set-up.

I created this blog recently and had my domain and hosting registered through Go Daddy. I called them up and told them that I am trying to sync my domain with a WordPress account. Go Daddy had no idea how to help me, furthermore they stated that I wasn’t the only one who had been calling about WordPress solutions. So, here I am, a loyal GoDaddy customer, trying to get my WordPress blog set up, and my hosting company can’t help me.

I spoke to a few friends about setting up WordPress, once they found out that I was using Go Daddy, they all sighed and said “oh boy.” Apparently Go Daddy has a reputation for being a sub-par hosting provider, and I’m starting to see why.

So my question for Go Daddy is this: If you know that there are millions of people out there writing blogs, (with thousands more appearing every day) and you know that one of the most popular blogging platforms is WordPress, then why wouldn’t you make some sort of effort to provide EXTRA VALUE to the customer by offering blogging support?

Sure it’s not your job to help me set up my blogging software but guess what, your competitors are starting to offer blogging support which means that when it comes time to create another domain or look for a hosting provider, I’m going to go with the company that provides me with the best VALUE, and Go Daddy, that just ain’t you.

  • You are absolutely right – I have experienced this myself. I recommend using godaddy only as a domain registrar, then using a host with cpanel. Personally, I think cpanel is the only way to run a server and with fantastico – you have three clicks to wordpress.

    Godaddy is ridiculous!

  • Amen and Amen. I was talking with GoDaddy support and was coldly told that they are not required to assist me with WordPress issues. Even though they promote their 5 minute WordPress setup and how easy it is. I’ve never been so frustrated in my life. To move my domains from GoDaddy is also difficult requiring photo id, and lot of other hoops for the transfer. I had another domain hosted through Yahoo and had no problems at all. GoDaddy’s customer service is horrendous. They don’t get it.

  • Hi Michael,

    Yep it’s amazing isn’t it? It’s extremely frustrating and irritating, makes you not want to do business with those guys at all. thanks for the comment michael!

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  • I've been with GoDaddy hosting for 2 years now and they've been great. Server uptime has been 99.8% and speeds are incredible. Rarely have I used their support system, when I do response times vary from 1 – 7 hours which is great.

    • i have noticed a great improvement since the time of this post, so I'm currently still with them, but I'll tell ya, they were horrible before!

  • Another problem of hosting companies is support. These can really make them more unreliable to customers. I think Godaddy hosting is just popular because their domains are.

  • jeniliaa

    You are absolutely right – I have experienced this myself. I used the site for the Domain name registration

  • jeniliaa

    You are absolutely right – I have experienced this myself. I used the site for the Domain name registration

  • Go-daddy is one of the best hosting services provider We are also providing domain registration and hosting services at affordable prices in India