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A post by John Jantsch on his Duct Tape Marketing blog got me thinking about some of the best ways to increase referrals. John mentions several people who either like to: take clients out to dinner, send gift certificates, send thank you notes, etc. But I don’t think that these methods are really the best ways to go about increasing referrals. The question is, how do you get people excited about your service and how do you get them to tell their friends? I believe the answer is in “wow-ing” your customers. Here are some examples

  • You tell someone a project will take 10 days, you finish in 8
  • A customer expects something to be delivered by standard mail, you use overnight
  • If something takes longer than it, should you offer a discount
  • Instead of phone conversations, you make an effort to meet in person
  • Follow up once something is completed, don’t discard clients like used tissues
  • Always try to offer something extra
    • You agreed to create 5 marketing recommendations, create 8
  • Anticipate customer needs and make suggestions before they do, be proactive
  • Under-promise over-deliver
  • Try not to use the word No
  • Make the customer feel special and not just like another customer

The point is, there are all sorts of ways to “wow” a customer, but they all have one thing in common. They go above and beyond the requirements, they add a little something “extra.”

For some more tips and examples visit the following sites:

How are you “wow-ing?” your customers?

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