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Is $42 for Bottled Water Too Much? How Much Would You Pay?

Posted by on February 16, 2008

Types of Bottled WaterRecently an article was published by abc news about a luxury hotel in London that has a water menu, that’s right, a menu filled with various brands of water from around the world. The most expensive one on the list? $42 a bottle.

This, however isn’t the amazing thing. The amazing thing is that when the management of the hotel was interviewed they said “We wouldn’t do this unless there was a demand for it.” This means that people are actually asking for calcium rich, low sodium, deep sea, filtered water.

Remember when water was free?

One of the most abundant and plentiful resources found on Earth has now become the largest marketed commodity on the planet.

A “water bar” in Chappaqua, N.Y. apparently serves bottled water for $55! The owner says he sells round 80 different types of bottled water.

I suppose this shouldn’t come of as much of a shock, after all we already have Oxygen bars.

I am willing to bet that if we blindfolded a handful of these “water connoisseurs,” that they would never be able to tell the difference between the brands of water.

The brand of water that you drink speaks volumes about who you are. Do you drink a brand that contributes to charity?, do you drink mineral water?, do you drink sparkling water? Does your water have extra oxygen in it?

If you were a brand of water what kind would be? And how much would you charge?

Do you currently have a free product or service that you can begin charging for?

  • Don’t forget about drinking purified tap water! Go Aquafina!

  • How can they justify $42? That seems outrageous.

  • Thanks for the article. But don’t pay to much attention on the price but instead pay attention on the safety. Thank you (^_^)

  • I think that’s too much.  But I think that depends on the company. Maybe they put that high cost but you can be sure of the safety. Thanks for the article.

  • The price is quite reasonable because of the quality of the water but it may seem to be really expensive. Only a few people could purchase this water. Anyway, it is not compulsory to buy the water.

  • Not all people have enough money to buy such expensive bottled waters. Most of the time, people chooses cheap ones than the high priced items because they can still save some money from it. But the risk is, their own health might be ion  danger.