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Three In Depth Case Studies on Enterprise Collaboration

Posted by on February 16, 2011

A few months ago I wrote about three in depth case studies on enterprise collaboration that I put together.  I have a few more which I am releasing in the very near future but I wanted to revisit the three that I have already put together. People are asking me why I’m putting these together and the answer is simple, it needs to be done and nobody is doing it. We keep seeing the 1-2 page case studies which cover high level information with few if any details.  I wanted to discuss the things which leaders at corporations really care about things such as:

  • business drivers
  • change management
  • financial impact
  • operational impact
  • where the push for enterprise collaboration came from
  • lessons learned
  • and others

These case studies are of course all available for free either through this blog in a series of posts (scroll down in each of the posts to see links to the previous articles as it was done as a series):

You can also download the PDF versions of the case studies via the Chess Media Group website.  I encourage you to read through the case studies to see what other companies are doing and learn how they are implementing enterprise collaboration.  Share these case studies with your colleagues and if you are interested in being featured in a case study or know of someone that would like to be, then please let me know.  I have a few exciting upcoming case studies that I will be releasing soon!  Don’t forget to also check out the 50+ case studies and examples on Enterprise 2.0 that I have compiled from the web, it makes for a very valuable resource.

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