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A Collection of 50+ Enterprise 2.0 Case Studies and Examples

Posted by on January 27, 2010

Updated September 21, 2011

I’ve been chatting with a few folks about E2.0 case studies and found that there are some good sources of information out there but they appear to be spread out all over the place.  I spent some time aggregating sources or individual E2.0 case studies here.  This is as much for your benefit as it is for mine.  This collection of case studies should provide excellent examples of how companies in various industries are able to incorporate social tools and strategies to accomplish business goals.  If you are looking to get the Enterprise 2.0 conversation started at your company then this can also serve as an excellent resource to help make the case for E2.0, plenty of ammunition here.  I went through dozens of sites looking for case studies and sadly many of them had case studies labeled but when actually reading them I realized that they were nowhere near case studies or valuable examples.

Chess Media Group also just released a State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Report which looks at everything from strategy development and tool selection to ROI and executive sponsorship.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have any other case studies or examples to add please to do in the comments section.

Again, if you have any to add please leave them in the comments section.  My goal is to keep updating this list so that it can be used as a valuable resource for both Enterprise 2.0 practitioners as well as companies that are just looking to get started with Enterprise 2.0.

  • Thank you, thank you, for compiling this list! This will be required reading for my students 🙂

    • You are welcome, I'm going to try to update it frequently so if you across anything please send it over and I'll post it!

      • Jakeollay

        can you please give me an example of enterprises in the community?

    • Rvijaysagar

      wat is a case study….
      ow it is usefu to me..
      acually I am a Computer Science student…
      Can u please give sime example of case study

  • Thanks for the collection of case studies link. Hope it could be useful for me.

    • You are very welcome, I hope it's very useful for you!

  • pamstrayer

    Thanks for this list. Some other great resources for keeping up on Enterprise 2.0 are:

    KMWorld Conference (the Enterprise 2.0 track, which I moderate each year)

    Society for New Communications Research (conference is called New Communications Forum) –

    For many people, intranets ARE social, in a best case scenario, so any best practices company is not even going to label their initiatives as Enterprise 2.0. It will be called Sharepoint 2010 or the intranet or a million other labels!

    Please feel free to stop by my blog at anytime and say hi!

    • thanks pam, would love to be a part of any events you put on!

  • Amazing job – congratulations… and txs!

  • Thanks for gathering this Jacob. Over the past four years the Society has published more than 150 winning case studies through its Excellence in New Communications Awards program. You can read them at Hope this helps and is of interest.

    • Thanks Jen, will check them all out right now

  • A few I've collected too – must sort these out one day and update!

  • Good job Jacob! The Council is just starting its Case Study series too. Details on that coming in a week or so… Of course, large customers are always invited to join the Council where ongoing, large 2.0 initiatives are discussed every day.

    • thanks Susan. I'm writing some of my own in depth case studies as well. Starting off with Vistprint!

  • mikecassettari

    We’ve been documenting our customers’ stories with our social knowledge management/E2.0 application, Presto. Our case studies are on or blog at… and our Web site at Some of our customer stories are accompanied by podcasts and video too. Hope they are helpful!

    Mike Cassettari

  • I've just published a new case study –… – maybe it's something for this list? I see you've added my previous one – “Pizza & Beer” 😉

  • dejudicibus

    You may want to read this too:

  • dejudicibus

    You may want to read this too:

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  • jwilfong

    Fantastic list, thank you much for compiling it. It would be wonderful to see a book of E2.0 case studies.


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  • Excellent set of resources. Thanks for putting the time in to collate this information it all helps us to crystallise our thoughts on this emerging subject. – taming of the beast.


  • Vorasa

    A article from HBR on how companies can use Microblogging to increase productivity. It analyzes the case of two companies

  • jesssoul

    Jacob, do you have any case studies from a large health care org or any experience with those yourself? We're in the throws of getting an E 2.0 project underway and I need some assistance with painting the broad picture and differentiating between products meant for a large org and products that aren't.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Michael

    Good blog, i would like to mention You’ll find helpfull case studies about e.g. crowdsourcing, social forecasting, S&OP.

  • Jen

    NewsGator has a few case study webinars on their website including ones with eBay, Kraft Foods, Weston Solutions, Sutter Healther, Slalom, and one coming in a few weeks with Nalco.

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