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The Most Successful People Have One Thing in Common

Posted by on April 15, 2008

What do you wake up in the morning? Think about this morning, did you wake up because you needed to go get a paycheck or did you wake up because you were going to do something that you love doing? What drives you? I mean really drives you and pushes you?

The most successful people in the world have one thing in common; they are all passionate about what they do. You take out passion from the equation and all the successful people will lose much of what they have. Are you passionate about what you do?

Life is short, try to be as happy as often as you can. Happiness is not that hard to achieve when you think about it. What do you really need to be happy? Health, friends, shelter, food, etc. If you are not waking up each morning excited and happy then there is something wrong. Figure out what is causing you stress, frustration, and anger, and get rid of it if you can. It’s not easy, but your quality of life will improve dramatically, and that will open other opportunities and possibilities for you.

Why aren’t you working at that dream job you have always wanted? Starting today, for as long as it takes, why not do something each day that will help you get closer to your dream job? I don’t think people give themselves enough credit for how smart and capable they are. Do you really think that Michael Dell or Steve Jobs are really any smarter or talented then you are? I’ve got news for you, they aren’t. You are every bit as capable, as smart, and as talented as anyone else is out there. Pick something you are passionate about and go for it.

Don’t let anybody tell you no, and don’t let anybody get in the way of your dreams and your goals. If you want something go get it.

How are you going to make yourself happy?

Live Happy my friends! And thank you all so much for reading.

  • Here, here!

    For many that haven’t experienced it, such inspiration can seem cliche. Sort of like “Great things come to those who wait – but only what’s left over from those that hustle”. Being consistently passionate about something is infectious to those around and motivates them to want to help you reach your goals. Great advice Jacob and best of luck in your endeavors. 🙂

  • Jacob, this is a great post! This is right inline with the things I have been thinking about in my series on success. I plan to use this idea at some point, don’t worry I will certainly link to this post when I do.

  • >Don’t let anybody tell you no, and don’t let anybody get in the way of your dreams and your goals. If you want something go get it.

    Great point. I love the positivity in this post Jacob. We all have enough to deal with when it comes to our own resistance. Let alone the resistance of the outside pressures of society and our friends and family. If you really believe in your dreams, there is no justifying them to anyone. I find that my own demons and doubts are enough to contend with, I don’t need to hear about anyone’s resistance to my path. No’s are easy, try saying yes to success.

  • Happiness is a serious business. How do you define happiness?

  • soooooooo true. good points

  • @joel

    glad you agree, thanks for reading and for commenting, hope to hear more from you!

  • Jacob, this is a great post, but how can one define happiness

  • Jacob, this is a great post, but how can one define happiness

  • Inspiring, in reality it is so much harder to achive what you want!
    I'm not being a pessimist and it's not impossible we are all equally capable

  • whoknows

    I’d actually say that while having passion is great, it’s not the whole answer. You actually need several other characteristics and you don’t actually have to have any passion. You see desire is key, desire to succeed might actually mean that you do something you are not passion about, but because you succeed, you are happy. Ok, you could say that is a passion to succeed, but desire is different. Desire is the feeling of wanting something, passion is the feeling of doing something for the love of it.

  • Casanova