Recently I posted a question on Linkedin, this is what it said:

“I am always curious to hear stories and case studies (good or bad) from companies (or individuals) that use social media. Did you increase brand awareness through facebook? Perhaps you were able to peak interest in a product via twitter. Maybe you used flickr to get people around the world to take a picture with your product. I am avid proponent of social media and quite entrenched in the field. I am currently working (and consulting) on a few exciting projects which inspired me to reach out to all of you. Let’s here your stories good and bad!

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If you have anything you would like to add, please post your answers in the comments section below. I had some great responses, but was also interested to see how people are using social media in different ways. Some use it to generate leads, others use it to kill time, and other even use it for SEO. What do you think about some of the responses found on the linkedin question page? Do you agree/disagree with how they are using social media?

Here are a few snippets from the responses:

Director of Communications, Marketing Research Association

“Rather than use these sites to “sell” our products and services in the traditional sense of the word, we are using them to further enhance our leadership position in the market research profession, to provide a forum in which market research professionals (and those interested in market research) can network, and to inform these individuals about upcoming events in which they may be interested.”

Social Media Strategist, Ignite

“Overall, our social media efforts have allowed us to enter this space, gain credibility and brand reputation, and gain new business leads. In our opinion, this is incredibly valuable”

President & CEO, e-Storm

“We advise clients to:

  • Listen (through the use of Social Media tools Buzzlogic, Radian6, BuzzMetrics, etc.).
  • Analyze – review who says what when, identify who to listen/talk with
  • Participate – by asking customers, prospects questions and getting real feedback
  • Have two way conversations”

Principal at Octane Interactive, LLC

“Really involve customers into the development of the products, marketing – by inviting them to on site visits, have them meet with executives”

Thanks for reading everyone!