Here is a neat little quiz you can take to see what technographics category you fall under. Found this on the SocialTnT blog, so thanks Chris!

Looks like I am a creator! (note there are supposed to be little red bars in each section but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be working for me)

Discover Your Groundswell Social Technographics Profile

Your Result: Creator

With all the blogging and video making you do, I’m surprised you had time to take this quiz. Whether podcasting or maintaining a website, the amount of content you create makes your Groundswell Social Technographic group a valuable target for social media marketers. As a creator, you join an elite 18% of the US online population. Now turn off the computer, your family misses you.

Discover Your Groundswell Social Technographics Profile

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Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li recently created the Forrester technographics profile tool that let’s you analyze your target users. This tool is quite valuable, especially if you are at the early stages of creating your social media strategy. It’s important to know what category your target audience falls under. If you are looking to create a social media strategy for seniors and then find out that most seniors are only spectators in the social media space, then maybe you should rethink strategy. If however, you find out that seniors are among the most active group of social media creators and participators, then you can expect a lot of activity. Of course it’s a bit more detailed then my simple example illustrates, but I’m sure you understand how valuable this tool can be.

There are some great studies for this tool in the new book “groundswell,” (written by Josh and Charlene). If you haven’t read the book yet or are considering purchasing it, please be sure to read my review. If you have read the book then I would love to hear your comments.

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