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Pictures from My Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia, Turkey

Posted by on September 27, 2008

This was probably one the most amazing experiences of my life.  I woke up around 5:45 am to get picked up by the Kapadokya (or Cappadocia) balloon company.  We drove out to a field where it started to rain so the flight was almost canceled.  A few minutes later the rain stopped and the weather was perfect.  Cappadocia is known for having some of the best hot air balloon pilots in the world and after this trip I can see why.  We came inches away from jagged rocks and cliffs.  For our final landing the pilot landed the 20 person hot air balloon on a 5X10 foot plank attached to the back of a jeep.  He did this without touching the ground first, we came from thousands of feet in the sky to land on a wooden plank on the back of a jeep, it was amazing.

Here are my pics from the hot air balloon ride.  I have tons more, and I also have videos.  If you every visit Turkey this is an absolute must.  Apart from Kenya, Cappadocia is known for being the best place to take a hot air balloon ride.

Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think!

This is the goal post pic, we flew right between these two rocks

Lonely hot air balloon flying in the clouds above Rose Canyon

The Rose Canyon

The balloons are coming!

…and more balloons

the engines that power the balloon and shoot flames into it

Inflating the hot air balloon

Hot air balloons up in the clouds

I love this pic, hot air balloons just about to pass a cliff in the Rose Canyon

A shot straight down, thousands of feet in the air

A balloon flying over the Rose Canyon, another favorite pic of mine

The hot air balloon being inflated, first it starts with 2 giant fans, then the flame/hot air

Cave houses we flew over in the hot air balloon

A little bit of champagne after our flight 🙂

The trip was amazing and breathtaking, I hope you enjoyed the pics!

thanks for reading

  • Great pics Jacob! Thanks for posting. That shot straight down was pretty breathtaking. Good thing I have no fear of heights. 🙂

    • ya i really like that pic too, if you have a fear of heights going up in a hot air balloon will be a challenge! it was really amazing and if you get a chance to go, i recommend it.

      thanks for the comment!

  • Thanks! Wonderful photos.

  • Wonderful post!

    I visited Turkey for two weeks in April 2006. It exceed all my expectations! Your pictures remind me that I wanted to go back!!

    • thanks cindy, it was really an amazing experience, did you go up in a hot air balloon or did you visit cappadocia?

      thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Sally

    I am gg to Turkey on 12/12. Saw your wonderful pixs, i shall take the hot air balloon when i am there 🙂

    • oh wow enjoy! make sure you visit cappadocia and the limestone terraces. i could go on and on about that place. have a great time!

  • karoll

    OMG! What a wonderful place and what a wonderful experience to ride your balloon over this beautiful Turkish area. I've only been once in Turkey, Ayvalık and it was an unique great experience for me. No I can only admire all the pictures you shared with us, they are worth seen.

  • Harun

    We visited Gallipoli last month. And spent almost 1 week . It was really great to see gallipoli, and troy. We almost saw all historical places of istanbul and then we went to troy for a day and saw the a of anzac. We are very happy and we definitely recommend it Everything was fantastic and i saw all the places i want to. It was a great trip and i definitely recommend everyone. Thank you so much.