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What is a Blog?

Posted by on September 28, 2008

When I say the word “blog” what do you think of?  How would you define a “blog?”  I’m not talking about a correct definition or the wikipedia definition, I’m talking about YOUR definition.  If we just met and I asked you what a blog was, how would you explain it to me?  I think there are a lot of ways to define a blog and everyone is going to have a different definition or a use for a blog.

Is a blog an online journal or a lead generation tool, a collection of thoughts or a group of articles, a community site or a one way interaction platform?  You don’t need to worry about what other people tell you because in all honesty a blog is what you make of it, there is not “right” or “wrong” way to use a blog as long as it is serving your purpose.  If you want to talk about industry trends to get leads then great, if you want to just upload photos then bravo, if you want to put down memorable quotes from the day then more power to you.  Your blog is what YOU say it is.

I define a blog as a platform to share my ideas and thoughts with the world that also enables me to meet new people and interact with them.  For me my blog is a relationship platform and not so much an online journal.  I love getting comments from all of you and hearing your thoughts and opinions, to me that means more then any lead I could get.

So now I ask you, “what is a blog?”

thanks for reading

  • My personal blog is more of a journal, where I get to rant, rave, and muse on whatever I like. I think it shows my personality quite a bit. I run a blog at work that is much more of a PR tool, and it helps drive search results for the business, which is quite useful. 😉

    • hey eric. great examples of how a blog can be used in different ways. of course a blog is what you make of it and your two examples show just that. want to send me the links to your blogs, id be curious to check them out.

      thanks for reading and commenting!

      • ericpratum

        Hey Jacob. Sure thing. I'm still in the process of getting one up and running at work. That's

        • thanks just checked them both out. interesting stuff, i think you have a great idea with the hotel experience blog, in fact i think you should have it hosted on your own domain, i.e., that way it really is yours and not co-branded with blogspot.

          thanks for the reply

          • We decided to place it as a sub-domain of Our webmaster said that he'd have it done a week ago, but it's unfortunately still not active. Hopefully, he'll get on that soon.

  • Well mostly, It's one person's opinion of the things he's interested in, with an ability to get others opinion on it as a feedback in comments

    • that's another simple definition, of course seth godin doesn't allow comments on his blog 🙂

      thanks for reading and commenting!

  • my blog is lots of things. Online journal and record of what we've achieved but also I write posts that try and look at the deeper meaning of my actions.

    Mostly I want my blog to inspire and encourage others to have a go like we have.


    • that's a great goal to have for your blog and hopefully it's doing just that! checked out your cooking marathon post, what was all this cooking for?

      thanks for reading and commenting!

      • The cooking thing was because we'd had a large harvest of marrows and other goodies from our allotment that I needed to get in to the freezer to preserve them.

        I'm trying to have a load of things ready made in the freezer for dinners etc. ( our village has no shops and we're too far away from a delivery takeaway)

        Thanks for looking at the blog


        • where abouts do you live? sounds like some of the little villages i have been visiting in turkey!

  • Blog it's what I'm and what I like to share with the world. 😉

    • sounds like an excellent definition to me, thanks for reading and commenting jane, hope to hear more from you!

  • We decided to place it as a sub-domain of Our webmaster said that he'd have it done a week ago, but it's unfortunately still not active. Hopefully, he'll get on that soon.