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More People You Should Follow on Twitter and Social Media that You Probably Don’t Know About

Posted by on July 13, 2009

This is a follow up post to one I did a few weeks ago on people that I think you should follow online that you probably don’t know about.  The last post was actually very popular so I thought I’d give it another shot.  Let’s get started:


Lisa Whelan

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Lisa quite a bit over the past year or so and believe me when I tell you she knows her stuff when it comes to anything mobile, social media,  or business development related.  She’s an independent consultant that has been working with some pretty large brands over the years.  You can find her site at SocializeMobilize or you can find Lisa on twitter.  If you want to learn a thing or two about the mobile space then Lisa is your gal!

(no photo)

Michelle (don’t know last name!)

I actually connected with Michelle fairly recently when I was looking for someone to help illustrate my new book.  Michelle is based in Tehran and is an extremely talented artist/illustrator.  I asked her to put together a quick illustration on how she would depict social media measurement and she created this.  She has done some awesome drawings which you can find on her tumblr Michelle is also on twitter.  If you need someone to help draw/illustrate anything for you then this is the person you should be going to.  You can also just check out some of her awesome art 🙂


Connie Chan

Connie is one of the partners with me over at Mighty Mouth Media and she will kick your ass in marketing knowledge…seriously.  Connie has a traditional marketing background and has worked with some awesome brands in the bands.  Not only does Connie have a very solid understanding of marketing in general but she has a business sense that makes her one hell of an asset.  Connie doesn’t have her own site, but you can find her on twitter.  Ask her a marketing question…I dare you.


Amy Michael

I’ve never met Amy but we have chatted quite a bit on the phone.  We actually first in connected with each other on twitter or facebook.  When I was in China Amy made a few comments on the photos I posted and the rest is history as they say.  Amy is an absolute sweetheart and a great person to know.  She a lot of fun to chat with and with her lovely southern accent your conversations can last for hours!  She’s an extremely passionate and awesome photographer that is based out of Houston.  Amy was actually re-designing her site so I don’t know the new URL, however you can follow Amy on twitter and I’m sure she will tell you her URL.


Erika Kirsten Beck

I’ve also never met Erika but we have chatted on the phone and exchange e-mails almost every week.  Erika is  PR wiz and is the brains behind Ryder Media.  She’s been in the PR game for a while and definitely knows her stuff.  I’m hoping that on my next visit to LA I will have the chance to finally meet Erika in person, but for now it’s all online/phone based.  You can also find Erika on twitter.  If you need help with PR or just want to learn more about it, then Erika is definitely the person you want to be in touch with!

These are amazing people, I recommend that you connect with them and get to know them!