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People You Should Follow on Twitter and Social Media that You Probably Don't Know About

Posted by on June 27, 2009

I’ve been meaning to write a post like this for a while.  It’s great to follow the big name people and celebrities out there but there are a lot of extremely sharp and smart folks out there that definitely don’t get enough credit.  One post definitely does not do justice so I’m sure I am going to have several follow up posts.  So without further adieu here are some of the people that I think you should definitely get connected with.


Christopher Peri

Chris runs a site called and is by far one of the smartest people I know, not just from a technical standpoint but also from a business standpoint.  Chris has a very eclectic background ranging from getting a PHd from Berkley in architecture to running several of his own companies to building twittfilter to being the CTO of Mashable and a NASA employee (yes, NASA).  Think of a mad scientist who likes to test and build things, add a ton of business acumen, put on a dash of visionary, mix in some fun and you essentially get Chris Peri.  I have the pleasure of knowing Chris for a little while now and like to say I hang out with him on a regular basis.  Want to learn something (like I do every time I meet up with him)?  Follow this man on twitter, you will be happy you did.


Adam Singer

Apart from having kick ass taste in music (much like my own) Adam also runs The Future Buzz and has just started with Lee Odden at Top Rank Marketing (congrats buddy!)  Although I’ve never met Adam in person I have definitely chatted with him extensively online and have been reading his stuff for a while.  Adam has a unique spin on social media and marketing.  His content is a mix of practicality, strategy, logic, and creativity.  Adam doesn’t usually write about what everyone else is writing about which is what I love (I try to do the same).  If you’re not following Adam already then you should!


David Spinks

I know what you’re thinking, he has a porn star name right?  Ya, that’s what I thought.  Porn star or not (he’s not, unless he’s not telling me something), David is a smart fellow that runs David (no, not a porn site), is the community manager for Scribnia, oh, and he also guest blogs over at Mashable.  Although David doesn’t write as often as I’d like (around 1x a week, boo!) when he does write, he puts out some great though provoking content.  I’ve also never met David in person but rest assured I’ve been chatting with him online for a while now and I can safely say he’s another person that you should be following.


Arnt Eriksen

Arnt live in Norway and drives a red Ducatti, if that’s not reason enough to follow him then I don’t know what is.  Arnt works for Recommended in Norway and is currently their interactive art director and social media strategist, which basically means he’s a busy fellow.  Arnt also has his own site that he runs at Arnt  I’ve also never met Arnt but like several of the folks mentioned above I’ve definitely been chatting with Arnt for a while.  Arnt looks at the world through creative and strategic eyes and I can tell you from personal interaction that he loves working with, meeting, and helping people.  I’m hoping that I will have the pleasure of working with Arnt in the near future on a few projects.  Arnt has a positive outlook on life and the world and is a real pleasure to interact with.  If you’re not already connected with Arnt then you know what to do!

There are many other people that I could write about on here, but alas this post is already getting long.  I will try to several other such posts in the future to highlight amazing people that I think you should follow and connect with online.  In the meantime connect with these folks.

Who is your unsung hero that you think people need to know about?

  • Hey Jacob,

    Thanks so much for recommending me amongst such a highly regarded list of people…and I'm not a porn star (or am i).

    Appreciate your kind words and we'll have to remedy that whole “haven't met in person” thin asap.


  • Christopher


    Jacobs a good guy, but brush up on your chess, he'll take you down. 🙂


  • Not that forced diversity is ever a good thing, but I'm surprised that no women make your list. I'm sure that there are some great female minds you follow that merit being featured.

  • Not that forced diversity is ever a good thing, but I'm surprised that no women make your list. I'm sure that there are some great female minds you follow that merit being featured.