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Posted by on June 29, 2008

Ah, good ‘ol Sundays, time to sit back relax and enjoy my beer that my friend sent me from 2,000 miles away…online.  That’s right it’s just like the title says, you can buy someone a beer online and they can redeem the beer in person at a nearby bar. The site is called and the concept is simple. Yougotbeer is working with many bars across the country so that participants can buy and redeem their beers. If I want to buy someone a beer that lives out of state, I just log on, purchase the beer, and then my friend receive an i.d. that they can enter on the site in order to reddem their gift card or gift certificate.

Per their site:

  • Just enter the name and e-mail address of someone you would like to buy a beer along with a personal message. You can even schedule the send date.
  • With each beer you buy someone at, your recipient will get a gift card or gift certificate so they can enjoy some BEER on you at one of the listed bars/restaurants.

The concept is relatively simple, but as far as I know, nobody has done this before.  Apparently the site has been live since 2005, so it’s still relaively new.  Try it out!

Anybody want to buy me a beer?

Thanks for reading

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  • This is a great concept. The Open Source community of programmers always jokes and says ‘send me a beer’ for appreciation of a system they wrote. Now people can!

  • @daniel

    i agree, thanks for the comment and for reading

  • tiberiu84

    I bet they will soon offer promotional mugs with the beer theme.