Like the explorers of old, leaders need to tap into the mindset of the explorer and embrace agility, curiosity, and growth.

One of the best examples of this comes from Ernest Shackleton. He grew up in a poor family but was passionate about exploration and was always learning and reading. He didn’t have money to travel, so he apprenticed on a ship until he could captain his own ship.

He gathered a crew and went to one of the most dangerous places on earth: the Arctic.

Soon into their exploration, the ship became trapped in ice for six months. Even after the crew could access their supplies, they had to live on an ice floe for another few months. The ice floe began to crack and melt, but it took months of sailing and exploring new lands until Shackleton could find help the rescue his crew.

Miraculously, even after more than a year in terrible conditions, everyone survived.

It was because Shackleton had the mindset of an explorer. He was optimistic and helpful. He encouraged his crew to play and have fun together and would literally give the shirt off his back to help someone else.

Shackleton didn’t give up when faced with incredible challenges. He had a growth mindset and was agile in making quick decisions and pivoting.

He was curious. He surrounded himself with a diverse crew and listened to their opinions. He was constantly learning and asking questions.

We might not be captaining a ship in the arctic, but we can all learn from Shackleton’s example. When we embrace the mindset of the explorer, we’re open to new ideas and ready for whatever comes our way.

The world of work is changing rapidly, and it will take a leader who is agile, curious, and positive to lead the charge. If you want to thrive as a future leader, think like an explorer.

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