Building a personal brand is more important for individuals now than ever before. Have you defined your personal brand and are you doing enough to set yourself apart?

What are you doing to build your personal brand? Whether you realize it or not you have a personal brand. It is what you stand for, it is how others perceive you, it is your strengths and your experience. Building a personal brand is more important for individuals today than ever before. With our rapidly changing world of work and the incoming technologies that will be used to augment jobs it is critical that we set ourselves apart and show organizations our unique value in order to future proof our careers.

When it comes to personal brand there are three strategies to focus on:


It is important to be consistent in your branding. If you want to be known as the marketing guru, focus on marketing. If you want to be known as a successful sales person, focus on sales. Don’t jump around from one thing to the next.

When building a personal brand you also need to focus on your messaging as frequently as possible. You need to frequently talk about it, post about it, write about it, live it.

You also need to make your brand as visible to others as possible. Leverage social media platforms, contribute to other sites, start a blog, write a book, etc…

You have a personal brand, whether it is one you mindfully create or whether it is one that you are unaware of and don’t actively work on. What is the message you want others to know about you? Now is the time to start focusing on building your own personal brand that will set you apart in the future of work.

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