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Tune into today’s episode with Amy Salcido, U.S. President of Kyndryl, the world’s largest provider of IT infrastructure services serving customers in 60+ countries. With 90,000 people globally, Kyndryl is a massive corporation that just recently set apart from IBM as its own independent company. Our discussion gives leaders the tools to escalate their mentee-mentor relationships, ensuring they follow the right steps and answer the proper questions to get as much out- as they put in!

You Will LEARN:

  1. The importance of self-awareness, passion, and adaptability in mentorship and career development

  2. The five steps to maximize the mentee-mentorship relationship

  3. Three questions every mentee should ask their mentor

  4. The role of authenticity and structure in your mentee-mentor relationship

  5. How the mentee can drive the role of the relationship through agenda setting, meeting frequency, and request of feedback Tune in and listen now!Don’t miss out on these game-changing questions & strategies to level up your mentorship relationships! 🚀

This episode is sponsored by Kyndryl. Kyndryl makes the future of work possible by designing, building and managing systems that the world depends on. Make sure to check them out at

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