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Everyone faces failure and challenges during their life.

Chances are you won’t be successful in your first attempt at something—whether it’s starting a company, launching a product, or creating change in your organization.

Failure is part of life. What matters is how you respond to that failure.

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When faced with rejection, most people put their heads down and walk away. But not entrepreneurs. When they’re told no, they get competitive and find what they can do to make their idea better. They look for different solutions and keep pushing.

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs learn from their experiences. They take feedback to improve their ideas and try again. Feedback can be suggestions or research to back up their idea.

Intrapreneurs understand the importance of having the right people on their side. With the endorsement of a leader or manager, their idea might hold more weight and find success. That often requires finding creative ways to deal with office politics and bureaucracy.

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When entrepreneurs are stuck, they know to take a break and come back with fresh ideas. Taking time to clear their head often allows them to see things differently. They find a partner to collaborate with and get a new perspective.

Entrepreneurs also know when to move on from an idea. It’s the balance between pushing and trying new things while also being realistic. If they’ve exhausted all their resources, are neglecting other responsibilities or their health, or are justifying the negatives, it could be time to move on. But entrepreneurs don’t consider it a failure–they use what they learned from the experience to fuel their next idea.

Everyone faces rejection and failure. What defines an entrepreneur is what they do when they are told no.

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