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We’re taught from an early age to seek the approval of others, including our parents, teachers, and other authority figures.

But being a successful entrepreneur means taking risks and not seeking permission or validation from other people. It requires a mindset shift to have the confidence to make your own decisions.

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Finding success as an entrepreneur means forging your own path and not worrying about what other people think. Here are four tips to stop seeking the approval of others:

  1. Have someone you can call who is completely objective. Most people in your life will try to interject their opinions into your decisions based on what’s best for them. Instead, talk to someone who has no investment in your decision either way and who can give you honest and clear feedback.
  2. Sit with your feelings of neediness. When we’re making decisions, it’s natural to want to talk to people and get their approval. Instead, take time to sit with your feelings of fear and vulnerability. Go for a walk, meditate, journal, and just be with yourself to be comfortable with your feelings.
  3. Set boundaries. We all have friends and family members who want to know every detail of our lives. Set healthy boundaries so you’re not sharing everything for them to judge. Change the subject, leave the room, or spend time with other people who are less judgmental or nosy.
  4. Practice empathy. When you seek approval from others, they aren’t viewing things from the same lens that you are. They might not understand your path as an entrepreneur if they’ve only worked full-time jobs. Have empathy that their experiences are different from yours when they give feedback and advice. Put everything in context to see where they are coming from.

When you stop seeking the approval of other people, you can be free to be yourself and make your own life and career decisions. That freedom can help you be happier and more energetic, which benefits your business and everyone around you.

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