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Tweetree and Twitority, Two New Twitter Tools

Posted by on December 29, 2008


First of all, see if you can recite the title 10x in a row….ok done?  Let’s move on.

You would think that with the holidays upon us that people would just want to sit back and sip on their spiked egg nog right?  Well it turns out that this week has been quite busy for twitter (and twitter users).  Two new twitter tools have emerged:  Tweetree and Twitority.  I know what you’re thinking, there already a ton of twitter applications and sites out there, but why not add 2 more to your social media stocking stuffer (or dreidel?)


This nifty little platform is almost like a friendfeed…but just for twitter.  Tweetree aggregates all of your twitter info so you can see the various posts that people are replying to in context.  You can also see shared images and youtube videos without having to click out of the interface.  In fact if a tweet contains any of the following, you can view the content directly in Tweetree:

  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • Seesmic
  • Twitpic
  • Friendfeed
  • Qik
  • Lala
  • Xkcd

Just to top things off Tweetree also has the ability for you to send tweets straight from the site.  Here are a few screenshots for you to see what I’m talking about:

a reply I sent to Queenofspain, seen directly with tweetree

A reply I sent to Queenofspain, seen directly with Tweetree

tweetree youtube screenshot
A Youtube video that you can see directly in Tweetree

Tweetree is a pretty useful twitter interface that makes it easy to aggregate content, check it out.


This whole thing came into existence because Loic Lemeur said that he would like to see a feature on twitter that lets you search by authority, of course he defined authority as the number of followers someone has.  Sure enough a few hours later someone built Twitority which gives you search results based on how many twitter followers someone has.  Of course, several people went off on rants talking about how the number of twitter followers is not the same as authority.  That’s a topic for another post.

Twitority is very easy to use, it’s built off of the exact same interface as the existing twitter search, but with a few updates.  For example, if I search for “social media” I can manipulate the results based on how many twitter followers someone has, check out the screenshot below to see what I mean.

twitority screenshot

Here you can see that I can filter my results based on “any authority, a little authority, a lot of authority,” I also have the option of sorting the tweets in descending or ascending order.  The results show me how many twitter followers the person has and also lets me respond directly to the tweet.  I’m not sure how often the data refreshes but twitter search itself is quite weak so don’t expect anything amazing out of twitority.  Personally I don’t think the number of followers you have has anything to do with authority, but hey, that’s just me.  Check out Twitority.

So what do you think of the new twitter tools out there?  Would you use any of them?

Thanks for reading!

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  • I'm withholding judgment on Twitority; but I'll confess I am one of the guys who thinks # of followers fluctuates way too much as a measuring stick. If you twitter a lot and fish for followers, you'll have a lot of them. But some great authorities may be out there who just keep twitter more intimate and only have a few hundred followers. Just something to consider there.

    Tweetree is cool, though. My only beef is that it still doesn't solve the issue of an accurate reply representation (people randomly reply later without clicking the reply icon and twitter matches it up with a later tweet). If that one issue can get solved, twitter's value (and Tweetree's) will only escalate. I like Tweetree's interface, though.

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