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Social Median is a Valuable Resource, are You Using it?

Posted by on December 28, 2008


I’m fairly new to Social Median but I am already a huge fan.  I’m not too active in terms of commenting, submitting content, or networking.  I use Social Median for a different reason, news and updates.  When you join Social Median you are given the opportunity to subscribe to various topics by viewing them on a tag cloud.  The larger the text, the more popular the topic is.  The picture below is just a partial image of the tag cloud.

social median tag cloud screenshot

I like to read a lot and stay up to date on all things technology and social media related so I subscribed to topics such as:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • Social Media
  • Web 2.0
  • Technology
  • and more

Active users then submit relevant quality content to the respective categories.  Other users then have the option to vote on article submissions.  The more votes a submission has, the more popular it is.  Now here’s my favorite part about Social Median (or one of my favorite parts), there is a feature that allows you receive daily emails with relevant articles in your respective categories.  The email includes a section at the beginning which shows you the top story in each category then it lists the 3 most recent stories in each category.

The email looks something like this:

social media email alert screenshot

So now I get a lot of high quality information about various topics I’m interested in, delivered right to my inbox every day.  I actually rely on my daily Social Median for a lot of my information and it has proved to be quite a valuable resource.

social media stories screenshot

Another feature I love is the ability to check out the hottest or most popular stories.  As you can see on the screen shot above, you can visit the site and quickly find out what some of the most popular stories are.  The “rising fast” section is a great way to get information on breaking news or information that may not have spread around the net yet.  “Hot discussions” let’s you view the posts wit the most comments, another option which is very useful if you want to know what some of the hot button issues are.  Just visiting this section on the Social Median site can give you all the information you need  for your desired categories.  It serves as a great resource for blog topics, information, and breaking news.

If you’re not on Social Median yet I highly encourage you to sign up, subscribe to your categories, and then set up your email alerts.  It’s actually quite simple yet extremely resourceful.  If you want to see a tutorial on how to use Social Median then check out this video.

How are you using Social Median?  Do you think Social Median is a valuable tool?

Thanks for reading!

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