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Top 10 Reasons to Follow Someone on Twitter

Posted by on December 21, 2008


We all have our own reasons for following someone on twitter.  I decided to put together a short list of the top reasons we might follow someone on twitter.  Some of the list items are done in partial jest (or not, you decide).  Please add your response in the comment section below.  Here are the top reasons to follow someone on twitter:

  1. just out of randomness
  2. tweets out valuable content that you find interesting or educational
  3. ex boyfriend/girlfriend that you are trying to stalk
  4. trying to make someone your new boyfriend/girlfriend
  5. you are trying to build a relationship with someone for either collaborative or business purposes
  6. has similar interests, background, profession, etc.
  7. because of a recommendation from someone else
  8. the person is a celebrity, influencer, thought leader and you are curious about them
  9. you really want to know what someone ate for breakfast or what they are feeding their cat fluffy
  10. your really following a bot that announces discount products or special offers

Your turn, what are your top reasons for following someone on twitter?

thanks for reading!

  • The voices in my head told me to… 😉

    • voices in your head huh? well you're following me so tell your voices thank you 🙂

  • Because Mr. Tweet told me to.

  • I only follow those who type 'your' for everything…

  • I follow those with similar interests, those that I can learn from, “friends” and people that might hire me. I started a new policy recently of following anyone who follows me unless it is an obvious spammer – it helps me find freelance work. Recently, however, I've had a number of followers with very very different interests than mine – I'm almost afraid of disappointing them with my liberal smart-ass ways 😉

    I can't imagine using Twitter to find a boyfriend but I suppose it's happened.

  • 10. Everyone else is following, so should I.

    9. Just might follow me back. Please?

    8. Avatar is irresistible to women.

    7. One of the 9,000 Amazon employees I follow will realize the company cannot continue without me.

    6. Not all tweets are @bff

    5. Profile like trainwreck. Can't. Look. Away.

    4. Tweets at least once per minute. What good is an inbox if it's not full?

    3. Drops the F-Bomb.

    2. Communicates with my arch-nemesis, who I refuse to follow but still need to spy on.

    1. Is funnier than I am…ok, that's never actually happened.

  • Personally it's all about learning – i try to follow people i think will help me understand the media/social media better and make me think proactively about developing my ways of comunicating.

    I generally try to follow people who are not going to contribute to noise – if they're spamming for the sake of it then they quickly become unfollowed – there has to be some point to the majority of their tweets. Even if it's “run out of coffee”, you know that person likes coffee, hey presto we've got soethign in common!

    • couldn't agree more matt, twitter has been a virtually invaluable learning platform me. i think it's great that people can mix a bit of person in with their serious/business twitter, after all that's what i try to do.

  • I typically follow people of whom I know personally, respect and want to listen to them. Understanding the fact that we're all busy, it only takes a few seconds daily to stay abreast of my friend's current events.

    Not to mention, it's a great way to build a support network of like-minded people on Twitter. I also enjoy following people because it's 'risk-free'… meaning I can unfollow them if I get tired of them.

    Professionally, my marketing automation software company, Infusionsoft, we follow employees, executives and customers. Although, more folks are finding us, so it's working out to just a mutual follow.


  • Jacob – This was hilarious and it included my top three.

    !)Identify people with similar interests

    2) Build relationships

    3) Educational content

    John P. Kreiss
    SullivanKreiss, Inc.
    Executive Search for Architecture, Engineering, Planning, and Landscape Architecture

    • haha thanks john, glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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  • I follow people for fun, food, community, and a whole bushel of other reasons 🙂

    I recently broke my Twitter favorites into 2 posts… each uses Twitter for a different purpose and some have even had amazing transformations as a result:

    Men of Twitter 2009 –

    Women of Twitter 2009 –

    I hope you find them as funny, helpful, and inspiring as I have!

  • haha Stalking an ex is always funny! I follow usually to keep myself updated of the person's next blog entry.

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