Creating a great employee experience is so critical these days. Your organization needs the best talent, but with all of the options out there employees now have more control than ever before. Your organization is not just competing with similar organizations in the same industry–you are competing with everyone in the war for talent.

There are so many things that can kill employee experience, but today we are going to focus on three big ones. These are three things your organization needs to stop doing now in order to attract and retain the best talent.

Stop focusing on just perks
Stop promoting the wrong people
Stop making dangerous assumptions

Offering perks to your employees is great, but perks alone are not going to solve your organization’s problems and they are not going to improve employee experience in the long run. In the beginning perks are exciting–free food, hot yoga, game rooms, slides, etc… But over time we tend to get used to these things and the excitement wears off. For long term success the focus should be on changing core workplace practices around your people and making the work meaningful.

There are so many organizations promoting the wrong people. Just making a lot of money or closing big deals does not make someone a great leader. Leaders need to motivate, engage, problem solve, empower, inspire, delegate, etc… and just being able to make a lot of money does not mean someone has these skills. It is easier to take someone who is good with people who is naturally good at these human skills and have them go through management training to learn the business side than it is to take someone who is good at making money and train them to be a great leader.

Going forward we need to stop assuming that the people who work for our organization need to work there. There is this assumption and mindset among executives that when they hire an employee they are doing them a favor. It is up to the employee to convince the employer they would be a good fit, they constantly have to prove their worth as an employee, and they are constantly in fear of being let go. But the truth is employees have the power now. We need to help employees feel like they belong at the organization. We need to assume that we need to create a workplace where people want to show up to work.

If organizations can focus on these three things in 2019 we could see dramatic improvements to organizations around the world. Let’s make this year the best year yet for employee experience!

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