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The Story and Meaning Behind My New Book Twittfaced

Posted by on September 14, 2009


Twittfaced, the book I wrote with Josh Peters, is coming out in just around a month and now that everything has been finalized I’m finally ready to write a more in depth post about the book.  Twittfaced is a social media 101 book for business that can be used by individuals, companies looking to get involved in the social media space, or companies that already have an established social media presence.

The story behind Twittfaced is rather unique and serves as a great example for the value of social media and online collaboration.  I met Josh online sometime last year when he began commenting on my blog.  Eventually we decided to collaborate on something and wrote a free ebook called “Social Media for authors.  We wrote the ebook and then shared it online with out respective networks on twitter, facebook, etc.  The ebook was out for a around 2-3 weeks before a publisher contacted us and asked if we wanted to write a full scale social media book.  It turns out that the publisher saw a link to the ebook on twitter, read it, loved it, and then asked us if we wanted to write a real book.

Josh and I had around 3 months to come up with 160 pages worth of quality content which included researching, reaching out to people for quotes, editing, etc.  I’m really proud of what we have been able to accomplish.  All of the collaborative efforts between myself, Josh, and our publisher Clay Bridges, have been online.  Neither one of us have ever met or seen each other in person…ever.  Yet we were able to work together on creating a book and are now going to work on marketing and promotion (and hopefully you guys will help us out!).

I don’t have the reputation of someone like Chris Brogan, Brian Solis, or Gary Vaynerchuk (and neither does Josh) but what make us unique is our story and we are hoping that our story is going to be a unique selling point for the book; it’s a great example of the value of social media and online collaboration.  We’re also going to rely heavily on our community to help us spread the word about the book (that’s you).

So what is Twittfaced?

To myself and Josh Twittfaced is a term that describes the “aha” moment of social media.  It’s the moment where you realize that social media is more than tweeting about what you ate for breakfast or throwing sheep at people on facebook.  It’s when you realize that social media is an evolution of business that has business value.  Myself and Josh have spent a good amount of time and effort conveying our idea of what Twittfaced is and why it’s so important and we feel that is a valuable book for anyone that is looking to get involved with or is already involved with the social media space.

All of the content that myself and Josh have been creating on our blogs has of course been for free.  I have shared my thoughts and ideas with all of you for over a year now and would really love and appreciate your support for the new book.  You can pre-order the book at Barnes and Noble online (will soon be available in several other places).  Pre-order your copy and then send out a tweet telling me you’re going to get twittfaced (use hashtag #twittfaced), tell your friends/family members/contacts/and pets about the book.  Also, don’t forget to join us on the Twittfaced Facebook page.

With your help we can really help get the world Twittfaced!

If you would like to order the book in bulk please let me know as we may be able to arrange something.  Also, if you would like to arrange any type of speaking engagements please let me know.

Thanks for all of your support everyone!

  • Oh!…that's great helpful, it's so right to me! Million thanks for the article,

  • Sounds such an odd title at first – but then I loved it! Great work.
    Frank – Payday Loans

  • Jim Hager

    Twittfaced was really the answer for me. I am somewhat of a slow learner on computers and smart phones. Your 101 course was clear and helpful. I will be using your book to tiptoe into cyberspace.

    • thanks for much for the comment. so glad it has helped you out!

  • thanks for much for the comment. so glad it has helped you out!