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The Many Faces of Enterprise 2.0

Posted by on February 10, 2011

A few months ago I put up a post on the many faces of social CRM which basically looked at how various organizations are visually explaining and describing social CRM.  I thought it would be interesting to take a similar look at Enterprise 2.0. Below are the visuals found, I’m curious to hear about which ones you think make the most sense, are easy to understand, and which ones just don’t hold any water.

by Dion Hinchcliffe and Michael Krigsman


by ME

by Ross Dawson

by New Dreamers

by Michael Fauscette

Which one of these visuals do you prefer?  Do you know of any others I may have missed?

  • Cherie

    Hi Jacob – Thanks for asking about these different graphics. I like the layered, somewhat tactical view of the first graphic. I think the last graphic In terms of emphasizing an “iterative” approach, I like the last graphic but would change the colors to something a little more appealing like that of the 4th graphic. Graphics 2 and 5 are TMI, difficult to understand and seem very un-human/un-social, and to “system” oriented. The 3rd slide is too basic, been-there-done-that sort of thing.

    By the way, I’m bummed I missed meeting you at last night’s SFAMA event at Bars + Tone 🙁 I hope to make your acquaintance another time. p.s. If you made available any of your presentation materials, how may I obtain a copy?
    Cherie Del Carlo
    Gather Your Crowd

  • Hi Jacob – great roundup and love the focus on Enterprise 2.0. I honestly think that all of these are WAY too complicated / miss the point. Enterprise 2.0 is not this complicated and we don’t need to get into the nuts and bolts. If someone can move a step higher and show the benefits of encouraging social collaboration on an enterprise level, I think the graphic will be much more effective.

    Still, I appreciate your effort to bring it together.

    • Thanks Scott,

      Some of them are definitely more complicated than others but I always think it’s interesting how people are describing and visualizing similar concepts, shows out different everyone is in their ideas and approaches for a single common topic.

  • You should put in links back to the original source — that is common courtesy and expected.

    I should mention that Pragmatic Enterprise is not an approach to Social CRM. It is a method that Dion and I developed to understand and measure the driving forces of change inside business transformation projects that involve social computing.

    • done and thanks for the comment, I didn’t mention social CRM here Michael, this is all about E2.0.

      Thanks for stopping by

      • Why do you insert “nofollow” after the links? You use others’ content yet avoid linking back or sharing pagerank.

        • Hi Michael,

          Certainly agree that I should have linked back but personally while I prefer a link back to my site when people mention me, I’m always grateful even just for the mention. I’m a bit confused with your question about nofollow links. Every site has their own way of doing things and millions of sites use nofollow (amongst other things). When I was doing SEO for fortune 500 companies this was also a common practice.

          I’m afraid it’s not quite as simple as sharing pagerank Michael, I encourage you to do some googling and research online, I’m sure you will find a lot of great resources on what nofollow is, when to use, why it’s valuable, etc. Word on the street is that nofollow doesn’t matter anymore so it’s really a bit of a moot point.

          Feel free to email me

          • Comparing yourself to a Fortune 500 company is all well and good, but why do you use nofollow links?

          • Because he thinks he’s an SEO expert. He’s not confused. Many of us have pointed this out to him and he just refuses to acknowledge that it’s all about him.

          • Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and I acknowledge yours.

          • Like I said you can either email or do a bit of Googlging, this isn’t an SEO blog or an SEO discussion thread. I didn’t compare myself to fortune 500 companies, I simply stated that I used to work for them. There are plenty of much smaller sites such as this one that have their own way of doing SEO.

          • We can end this discussion here but, frankly, your comments seem disingenuous and misleading, at best.

          • Jacobmorgan8

            As I said, you are entitlted to your opinion and I don’t feel it necessary to explain how or why I operate my site the way I do, especially when what you are asking about is irrelevant. This discussion is indeed ended and as I stated you can email me if you want to talk.

  • Thank you! Very useful information!

  • Joachim Lindner

    Thank you for this input. I like the one from Ross Dawson. I think it’s difficult to display E20 in columns. Ross showed it as an ongoing process.

    Understanding drives is very important, if you don’t want to put your power into activities which don’t bring you forward.

    E20 is nothing without the mentioned framework. To define and promote visions need to be done, if you would like to motivate the employees.

    Support is generally on of the key element. Find the right initiatives and support them to meet their targets, is a good approach for a successful adoption.

    It won’t be done with one circle. You need to start again and again. motivating new participant or introducing new applications/functions.

  • Anonymous

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