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Why is it so crucial for you to think like an OWNER if you want to see career success? It’s easy to point out problems but very few people are actually able to develop solutions and that’s what we need more of in the business world. In today’s discussion I sit down with Liz Etling, Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Woman to unpack what having an owner mindset is all about and how to develop it. We’ll explore how you as an employee can create the most impact, how to focus on innovation, the difference between skills and attitude, and how to disagree in the right way.

You Will LEARN:

  1. The difference between skillset and attitude & how to approach harnessing the perfect combination of the two

  2. The importance of having a service-oriented attitude & how to apply that in leadership

  3. The KEY difference between having an owner mentality versus a manager mentality

  4. Recognizing the biggest mistakes made by leaders & how to avoid them

  5. How to bring your passion to work with you everyday & make money doing it

  6. How to avoid beating yourself down when your vision fails

Discover which mindset YOU lead with – in today’s episode!

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