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Barri Rafferty is the former CEO of Ketchum, one of the world’s top public relations and communications firms with 2,500 employees. Today she is the interim CEO at C200 a women’s business leadership organization.

During her leadership journey Barri learned the difference and the balance between being liked and being trusted.

According to Barri:

“I grew up in the south, and I think that one of the hardest things to learn was that, it’s better to be trusted than to be liked. Sometimes you’re going to have to make the tough calls. People aren’t going to be happy. But if they trust you, and they understand why you made that decision, then they will follow you.”

Would you rather be liked or trusted?

It’s not an easy question, is it? Many of us have been hard-wired to seek acceptance, rather than trust, but it’s something that’s beginning to matter a lot for leaders.

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