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How often do you find yourself meticulously crafting a Plan B, only to realize you’ve lost focus on the very goals you’re striving to achieve? If you get lost putting all of your time into a plan to support you when your goals don’t seem attainable, you will take away from what you’re actually capable of achieving. Today, I sit down with Matt Higgins, Shark Tank Judge and CEO, as we explore his 4-step approach to avoid wasted time and energy spent on Plan B. Listen in as Matt challenges you to confront the self-doubt that often fuels your ‘Plan B’ mindset…

You Will LEARN:

  1. How to overcome obstacles and trust intuition

  2. The impact having a victim mentality can have on your leadership journey

  3. How to overcome anxiety & imposter syndrome in the workplace

  4. What leadership challenges arise in the face of vulnerability

  5. Understanding the impact of success, hard work, and self-worth in leadership and growth

  6. How to embrace anxiety & commitment to your goals in leadership

  7. Overcoming fear to achieve goals & embracing failure

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