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Papa John's, In the John (sorta)

Posted by on February 18, 2008

I was washing my hands in the restroom at LAX (flying back to San Francisco) when I noticed something on the back of my boarding pass. I flipped it over and saw a coupon for Papa John’s Pizza. This was the first time I have seen (or noticed) a coupon on the back of a boarding pass. The offer was for two free coke products with any purchase of an extra large specialty pizza ONLINE SPECIAL ONLY.

American Airlines Boarding Pass with Papa John’s Coupon

American Airlines Boarding Pass with Papa John’s Coupon

I began to wonder how many people actually noticed the coupon on the back of their boarding pass. My guess is not many. Furthermore, why would Papa John’s even bother advertising on the back of a boarding pass to begin with? How many people will even notice the coupon? Let alone actually keep the coupon to use when they arrive at their destination. People in airports are in a hurry, trying to get to their destination, scrambling to make their flight. They don’t care about coupons, they care about getting from point A to point B.

Let’s just say I saw the coupon and then decided “wow, I could really go for some Pizza right now.” Well guess what, there was no Papa John’s Pizza in the airport (at least not in the domestic section).

So there I was with a coupon for something I could not buy (even if I wanted to). I could have been ready to buy, with credit card in hand, but nobody to give the payment too. That meant that I would have to hang onto the coupon while waiting at the gate, take the coupon with me on the plane, and then make sure to bring the coupon home with me and purchase a pizza. Not likely.

If you spend money on marketing a product that nobody sees, than your product does not exist, why would you spend money to market something that does not exist?

  • Papa Johns For Free .. i want it… i love Papa Johns more than anything…

  • maxtex54

    Papa John`s Heart Shaped Pizza is a very good idea of marketing.

  • maxtex54

    Papa John`s Heart Shaped Pizza is a very good idea of marketing.