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Is your leadership journey marked by ongoing growth and self-improvement? Embracing continuous learning signifies your path towards becoming an even more impactful leader than you were the day before. Today I am joined by Guy Kawasaki, the Chief Evangelist at Canva and former evangelist at Apple where he worked with Steve Jobs to market the Macintosh. He’s also the author of “Think Remarkable” where he reveals the three foundational pillars of successful leadership: Growth, Grit, and Grace. Discover how these concepts can revolutionize your leadership style, helping you to face challenges with resilience, pursue continuous self-improvement, and extend your success to elevate those around you. Leaders will gain practical strategies for anyone looking to make a lasting impact in their field.

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Leadership is changing, what do you need to know so that you can lead effectively in 2024 and beyond? Each year I work with, advise, and interview hundreds of business leaders around the world to understand what they are paying attention to and why. I then look for the common patterns to connect the dots and put together what I think are the most crucial leadership trends. Learn what the top 8 leadership trends for 2024 are as well as what you should be doing about each one.