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Most Popular Posts of 2009

Posted by on December 26, 2009

2009I’ve always been wanting to do a monthly series on the top blog posts so I’m going to make this a regular thing in 2010.  However, I first want to share with all of you my most popular posts for 2009 (based on traffic).  There are also some very popular recent posts that didn’t make it on the list because they are clearly at a disadvantage in terms of getting as much traffic as older posts (the older the posts the better it ranks in search engines and the more time it has had to get traffic).   So without further adieu, here are my most popular posts for for the past month.

The PR Agency of Satan: Brody PR

Ah yes, this was one of those classic spam PR fails, many people wrote about this

20 Tips to Make You a Better Twitter User

This post is actually over a year and a half old and was created when Twitter was really booming

Two Examples of Companies Measuring Social Media ROI

This was one was actually very popular and could have been the most popular had it been created earlier (it’s only a few months old).  It talks about how Naked Pizza and Reality Digital are measuring the ROI from their social media efforts.

Rolling out a Social Media Strategy

I got a bit tired of consultants talking about the same old high level garbage, you know; the importance of social media, being authentic, and all that other recycled stuff you hear at every social media conference.  I decided to put together something a bit more substantial in how to actually role out a social media strategy.  This is a basic high level view, but still it is should be quite useful for anyone looking to roll out a social media strategy.

Social Media is More Measurable Than Traditional Media

A post that looks at some of the information and metrics that we have the opportunity to look at in the social media space that we don’t have access to in the traditional marketing world.

Using Swot for Social Media Strategy

The good ‘ol SWOT analysis is a very useful business practice so I thought it would be interesting to incorporate it into the social media world.

The Importance of a Social Media ROI Diagnostic

I talk about how the importance of an ROI assessment for a company that is looking to get involved with social media

The Gap and AKQA Say Screw ROI

This was a very popular post because AKQA blatantly told someone that they had no benchmarks or metrics set up for their client to measure ROI.  Ironically The Gap soon left AKQA and switched agencies, good for you GAP.

  • I am a new reader of yours. Thanks for compiling there lists. I will have to read all this. I hope you will have a great 2010 blogging experience.

  • I am a new reader of yours. Thanks for compiling there lists. I will have to read all this. I hope you will have a great 2010 blogging experience.