Amy Morin is the best-selling author of 5 books on Mental Strength. Being a great leader is just like being a great athlete preparing for a big game- but how do you actually do that?

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In this episode, psychotherapist and best-selling author Amy Morin unpacks the principles of mental strength in leadership. Drawing from her acclaimed book, she offers guidance on emotional regulation, authentic communication, and the power of vulnerability. Leaders will learn practical strategies to cultivate resilience, navigate challenges, and lead with empathy and self-awareness…

Tune in and learn:

  • How to harness mental strength for enhanced leadership efficacy.

  • How to regulate emotions for effective decision-making.

  • Strategies to communicate authentically and build trust.

  • Ways to embrace vulnerability as a leadership asset.

  • Techniques to cultivate resilience and confidently navigate workplace challenges.

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Listen or watch the full discussion below:

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