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It's Not Always About What You Say but How You Say It

Posted by on October 30, 2008

Remember that wonderful post that Wired Magazine wrote, about how we should all quit blogging? Well, one of the issues that was not addressed was context.  If everyone is out there is talking about the same thing and you decide to join in, there’s no way that people are going to notice you right?  I mean, won’t you just get drowned out by everyone else?

Absolutely not!

I’m not the only one who talks about social media and marketing, Gary Vaynerchuk is not the only guy who talks about wine, and Yahtzee is not the only guy out there who talks about video games…wait…who?

Yes that’s right Yahtzee

Now, I’m not a huge gamer, however I was very entertained and interested in the way Yahtzee does his game reviews, in fact I watch them every time they come out.  Why?

It’s not really because of the content, because I’m not too interested in video games, it’s because of HOW Yahtzee talks about and reviews the games that’s intriguing.  Watch the video below and you will see exactly what I mean.

There are literally thousands of video game review sites and companies out there, but there is only one Yahtzee.  He talks about the same games that every other review site talks about, but he talks about them in a way that makes him stand out.  He has a unique voice, and it’s that voice that the viewers appreciate and you can bet that Yahtzee is not getting drowned out.

How can you present the information in a way that makes you stand out from everyone else?  What tools or platforms can you use to be different?

How can you be…original?

Now go do it!

Thanks for reading

  • You hit the nerve with this one. It's not just limited to saying what you want to say but permeates to everything. There were a bunch of phones in the market but Steve expressed himself with iPhone…

    • hey sachendra,

      exactly. steve wasn;t out there saying “shoot i better not make a phone, there are already so many of them out there!”

      people need to give themselves more credit. as i always say, be clever and be creative!!

      thanks for commenting and reading

  • Excellent way to make your point Jacob. And I love Yahtzee's reviews – very funny and very different. Even if you don't really play games, his Indie games are a hoot.

    • howdy kim? aren;t they? i love his reviews! i just watch them for the hell of watching them and most of the time i've never even heard of the game 🙂

      i think he's a great example to use.

      thanks for stopping by!

  • I completely see what you mean! I've seen Zero Punctuation on Digg before but never watched it because I'm not really a hardcore gamer and am usually 1/2 years behind the game's market. But I watched the video you embedded because I was agreeing with the blog post and wow, it blew me away, it was so funny! I'll definitely watch ZP when I see it on Digg in the future.

    • hi mark

      ya he's always on digg and one day i just clicked on him and loved it. aren;t they great? i crack up every time i watch them. i think it's a great example of what it means to be original. it's also the tools he used. if he were to write all of that out it would not make any sense. he uses an auditory and visual way to get his point across. im glad you enjoyed it!

      thanks for reading and commenting, hope to hear more from you!

  • Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks and HDNet) often talks about “experience” and how his job as owner of the Mavs is not to just give people a basketball game, but to give them a completely new and unique experience. I think that's the same for the iPhone or Yahtzee. Each of these is an example of a great experience.

    Your product can have flaws (the iPhone has plenty) as long as the experience is unique and special for the user.

    • hey jeremy, that's a good point. at the end of the day it's the experience that really matters and if the customers walk away with something unique then it will always be worth the price of admission.

      thanks for the comment!

  • I have tracked across 3 articles on Yahtzee in the past week. One on TV, one in Print and now your article online (and the week before last i didn't even know this guy existed!). He sure does have a different way of reviewing games and communicating his message. I think that it's a combo of his direct and no holes barred opinion, combined with humor, some good graphical story telling, a distinctive voice and a new take on an otherwise boring and overdone topic – computer game reviews. The next question is what effect does his method of storying telling have on consumers – is he geeting results?? The answer according to the TV show I watched was yes and they quoted a rise on sales by 15-20% of games that Yahtzee reviews. Thanks for the article Jacob! (p.s. did you know he is an Aussie??!!)

    • hey todd, wow i didnt even know this fellow was on t,v, or in print, guess he really get's around hmm? thanks for the stats, i was actually wondering about his effect on game sales and 15-20% is HUGE!! i would have guessed something around 5-10% maybe. he certainly does have a unique presentation style and uses several cues to get his message across. I did know he was an aussie, did you know I was an aussie? (dont have the accent, yes i'm bitter about it!)

      thanks for reading and commenting todd!

  • All good things start out Australian!

  • oh i agree, heck i was born in melbourne!