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How do You Feel About International and Domestic Travel?

Posted by on January 23, 2010

I live in San Francisco, California which is a really remarkable city that feels like the center of the world sometimes.  I was thinking about some of my traveling and realized that I have seen more over the world overseas than I have domestically.  I’ve been to around 18 countries all over the world but have only been to maybe 5 or so states in the U.S. which may sound a bit weird right?  The U.S. has some amazing things to see yet I’ve never seen many of them.  I have hiked up Masada mountain Turkey, climbed along the Great Wall of China, visiting the Colosseum in Italy, and swam in the Mediterranean Ocean, yet I have never gone rafting in Colorado, explored the canyons in Utah, or visited Yellowstone or Yosemite national park.

I really don’t have a good reason for not exploring the United States more, and in fact I should.  I suppose anything overseas just feels more exotic while anything in the U.S. is in my backyard and just feels a lot easier to get to (and can be done at anytime).  I love traveling but I supposed in my mind adventure and traveling was always reserved for something that was far and away while anything domestic has always been more casual or perhaps work related.  I’m definitely making it a point to visit more of the United States for 2010 and beyond.

What about you?  Do you find that most of your traveling is done overseas?  How do you feel about domestic vs international travel?

  • Don't forget to pop up to Canada! Fabulous scenery!!

    • I've made it to calgary a few times, my business partner lives there 🙂

  • Don't forget to pop up to Canada! Fabulous scenery!!

  • I've made it to calgary a few times, my business partner lives there 🙂

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  • Holy crap I thought I was literally the only American who has been to more foreign countries than American states! I have partied til dawn in Tokyo, relaxed in the Brazilian sun on Copacabana Beach with some Brasileiros, indulged in the beauty and life of Pablo Picasso at his museum in Barcelona and have run into an old college friend on the streets of Venice! I have never partied til dawn in Miami, relaxed in the California sun in La Jolla, and….wow I don't even know enough of what the states have to offer besides deep fried twinkies at the state fair. Ignoramus atm, sry.

    It sounds elitist but aside from Republic of Ireland and the UK I tend to like traveling to places where they don't speak English. It's much more adventurous that way and motivates me to learn a new language each time!

    • No so 🙂 I to like to venture out past the front yard! You've gone to several places which are pretty high up on my list such as tokyo and brazil, im a bit jealous!

  • ImportZnr

    I'm in the same boat…. I've been to about 13 countries since I joined the military… from Afghanistan to scuba diving in the Red Sea, golfing next to the pyramids, touring the holy land, and kite boarding in Tel Aviv. Scandinavia is a favorite spot too, Trondheim, and Are. However I have also lived in Washington State, and Colorado and love both! The Carolinas are amazing and I hope to spend more time out there, but I've never even been to Vegas or Cali?? I also need to hit up the Grand Canyon, and explore the west more thoroughly! I would love to thru hike the Appalacian Trail too. PS… most int'l travel is VERY expensive… unless you hit some of the well kept secrets