Hello leaders,

Just over a week ago I wrote a post exploring why our perceptions of vulnerability change depending on if we are thinking about ourselves or someone else. Specifically, when we think of others being vulnerable we view them as courageous and bold but when we think of ourselves being vulnerable view ourselves as weak and incompetent. I explore this in-depth in my latest book, Leading With Vulnerability.

Why is that the case?

You can see that full post hereand it’s essential to read that post before this one.

I ended that post with the following:

When we observe a physical object up close we get more clarity, depth, and information around it. But when we emotionally observe ourselves up close the picture is fuzzy, shallow, and the information is inaccurate as we exaggerate the negative things while ignoring the positive ones.

That’s what today’s post is all about, how do we create that emotional distance?

To answer that question we have to start with something known as King Solomon’s Paradox.

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