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How do You Save and Allocate Your Time?

Posted by on February 23, 2009


When you’re young time is all over the place.  In fact, when you’re young time is one of the few things you have plenty of.  I remember when I was younger I kept thinking about how I would wish time would fly so that I could become a teenager.  Then I wanted time to fly so that I could be 16…then 18…then 21…Now, I wish I had more time.  More time to see the world, more time to build and launch my ideas, more time to learn other languaes, more time to study other things…more time.

I’ve been going over my time consumption habits and I decided that I’m going to be making a few changes.  The trouble today is that too many people worry about perfection and appearance.  We’ve conditioned ourselves to spend more time than is necessary to get the point across to a colleague, a client, a friend, etc.  There’s too much superfluous junk everywhere, in proposals, in reports, in useless meetings, etc.

Here are a few things I’m going to implement in my life to help me save and better allocate time.

  • check email max twice a day, this is hard since my comp is always in front of me but it’s going to happen
  • regulate my sleeping schedule to get around 6-8 hours of sleep per night
  • create prioritized to-do lists and go through things as they come up
  • continue to eat healthy meals throughout the day as it improves my concentration and work ability
  • give myself more “me” time
  • spend less time thinking and more time doing
  • avoid all extra and unnecessary meetings
  • going to experiment with using outsourcing a few tasks

There’s probably a lot more that needs to be done but this is where I’m going to start.  I’m curious to hear about your time saving tips and techniques, what do you do to save and better allocate your time and is it working?

  • Let me know how it goes with checking your email only twice daily. At present, I don't have to courage to switch to this, although I suspect it would change my life. I am a slave to the ping of an incoming email.

    But otherwise, here is a blog post I wrote about how I plan my day a little better:

    Thanks, and I hope you update us on your progress!

    • hey todd, i sure will. thanks for sharing your post ill check it out.

  • savitha

    i was thinking about oursourcing – it goes like this.
    when we outsource a task, we save our own time and in turn end up paying something for it. that brings up the question – was the time saved worth the money spent – am i doing anything better with the time saved or not.

    i think the answer differs – if you were living on every penny earned and a few dollars more mean a lot, i bet spending the money wont happen so easily as spending your time on doing things. there may not be the luxury to spend a little more and gain more time to do something more productive.

    versus, if you are not as much concerned with making a living as with improving the quality of life- ah there surely the benefits of more time could be put to good uses like better health, upgrading skills, leisure time, or even a way to make more money through other pursuits.

  • You can think of these things when you reached your maturity level, not that you've aged, but mental status quo. I think we could allocate time by just simplify our ways of living, we could have it all, but there's certain things that should go first.

  • You can think of these things when you reached your maturity level, not that you've aged, but mental status quo. I think we could allocate time by just simplify our ways of living, we could have it all, but there's certain things that should go first.