Recently a friend of mine went to go place flyers on car windshields in support of a political candidate.

Marketing to people without their permission is one of the worst things you can do. It leaves a sour taste in people’s mouthes. Remember that time you went out to your car and saw a flyer stuck on your windshield for “Psychic Readings.” What’s the first thing you did with that flyer? Threw it on the floor.

Spam marketing is dangerous, it can hurt the reputation of any successful brand, company, or individual. You want proof? Check your e-mail. How many of us have spam folders or filters that automatically delete spam mail? Most of us do because we simply don’t care and we don’t have the time.

If you are going to market to people, make sure you have their permission and make sure it’s something they want to hear about. If not then you can bet that your marketing efforts are a big waste of time. The only thing your marketing is going to do is give your company or brand a bad name.