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  • Good points, Jacob. I'll add one more – the Gartner criteria exclude any products which require a platform (it's okay for a product to need a database, but it can't require SharePoint for example). So this excludes NewsGator's Social Sites products which integrate tightly with SharePoint. Here's a bit more depth on this:

  • RIchard Rashty

    Everyone should take all these ratings with some pause, as there as specific conditions which could make one platform better than another. I do like the idea of basic criteria, but I would prefer to see a fair and balanced comparison based on feature and usability, than simply install base, and size of company.

  • Nancy Erskine

    I head up the Office of the Ombudsman at Gartner. I see some thoughtful comments in and on this post related to the usage of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for vendor selection and wanted to add my own. A bit of background on the Magic Quadrant (MQ): it is intended to be used as an early step in understanding the technology or service providers in a particular market. An MQ can help a user to hone a list of choices, but of course should not be used as the only data point in the decision-making process.

    As expressed in other blogger comments dot placement alone does not tell any vendor’s full story. That’s why it is important to read the document itself and not simply look at the graphic. Put simply, the appropriate solution is often not in the Leaders’ Quadrant. We also advise clients to discuss their specific requirements with the analyst directly.

    The process used to create this document is the same as for all MQs – here’s a link to some more information: I also noticed that you compared the 2009 and 2010 MQ graphics. We advise our clients not to do this because the criteria changes as the market evolves, so contrasting reports year over year is not a like-for-like comparison. For example, the 2010 MQ required more number references and active users in those references, and the threshold for the total number of active users also increased. I would also like to say that client status is not a factor in determining inclusion or positioning in our research reports – I blogged about it some time ago here:

    Nancy Erskine, Ombudsman

  • Vuuch

    These reports provide buyers a cover your ass blanket. How could the decision be bad, Gartner said they are leaders. It is also easy to get onto these. You just need to pay for the service of being placed on them… These graphs could have great value if they were clearlt connected to use case examples. It would be very interesting to be able to pick a business problem and then filter the graph based on just that problem versus someones wide view of what should happen. Looking at the most recent one I am hard pressed to even see what all of these companies have in common…