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Friday's Food for the Soul, Shel Israel, Loren Feldman, and Knowing When to Stop

Posted by on June 27, 2008

So yesterday, I decided to show the video of Loren Feldman’s “technigga” and opted not to discuss the whole issue of Shel Israel Vs Loren Feldman.  If you want more information on that then read this on Shel’s blog, this on blogherald, check out this friendfeed debate, or browse around Google, I’m sure you will find plenty of information.  Well, today I would like to chime in with my 2 cents, but I want to address this from a more general standpoint and not focus too much on who said what, etc.  I respect both Shel Israel and Loren Feldman, they are both smart guys.  I want to address this from a “human” angle.

Now, there are a lot of folks around the web such as Jason Calacanis who keep telling Shel to lighten up and learn how to take a joke. Well that is rather easy to say when you are not offended don’t you think? I mean if I were to offend your religion, beliefs, political affiliations, etc. and then say “haha can’t you take a joke?” what would you say? Insulting a person’s character is far worse by the way (in my opinion).  There are obviously people out there that can easily brush things off and those that can’t. The point is to use common sense to realize when you begin hurting and offending someone.

Who are we to tell someone to lighten up?  We have no right to try to tell Shel or anyone else how to feel, the man is upset, enough said.  If you were in Shel’s shoes and your reputation, emotional health, or financial situation was being damaged, then you would feel the same way.  People keep saying “I would be flattered if Loren made a puppet about me” Oh ya? well not when the puppet is appearing on a site with your domain name, not when the puppet is damaging your reputation, not when people constantly verbally bash you, not when your character is tarnished, and certainly not when something like this is ongoing.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not entirely sure what Shel did to make Loren so vengeful or what is going on behind the scenes.  I don’t want to take sides, I am merely a spectator and this is what I see.  I may be completely off so please don’t send me e-mails or comments saying that I’m an idiot.  But you know what, Shel says he is hurting and that should be the cue to stop.  If someone is either emotionally, financially, or physically enduring some sort of discomfort or pain, then back up.  This is how things get out of control, you can’t keep pushing and pushing someone because eventually something bad is going to happen.  This doesn’t just have to do with Shel and Loren but with people in general.

We need to learn when to stop, we need to realize when something has gone too far.  Many of the tragic school shootings happened because people were made fun of, pushed around, and insulted… for what?

We could all be a bit more prudent in exercising sensitivity, caution, common sense, compassion, and respect.

What do you think about all of this?

Thanks for reading

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  • I think they should bury the hatchet and use their platform to raise money for a worthy charity.

  • hi mark,

    i’m all for that idea, if only they would.

    thanks for reading and commenting

  • Ro (Lilyhill)

    Agreed, Mark. How can we address issues of cyber-bullying among kids when we have adults so publicly doing just that? Raise money for programs educating kids about when the line between satire/humor and bullying is crossed. And leave some seats open for the adults.

  • Another thing to think about is just simple culture.

    For a New Yorker, Loren just sent a love tap. I don’t think a random New Yorker would think the videos are mean, which doesn’t make it right or not hurt, but clarifies the intent to not be of malice that has been implied.

    I agree with Mark, move it on.

  • @Ro

    mark does have a good idea there, don’t think it will ever happen though.


    true it may have been a love tap, but still, the guy is hurting. im not sure what the intent is, but from an observers standpoint it does look like malice, especially when loren publicly insults him via twitter and calls him an old fool. either way, they should move on.

    thanks for the comment and thanks for reading guys

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