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The Four Social Customer Engagement Scenarios

Posted by on November 30, 2010

The Chess and Metz team have put together a visual to help organizations understand what we believe to be the four scenarios of social customer engagement.  A more detailed version of this post is going to be going live on CMSWire today and I will link to it when it is live, but for now here is the visual with the accompanied text (Updated: post on CMSWire is live).  Please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your feedback/ideas/critiques.

  • I reckon number 4 is were most companies want to go, but 3 is were they ultimately remain.

    4 is very much Utopian…

    Very nice graph by the way, very understandable

  • Jacob, interesting graphic, but the one thing that I notice immediately is that these scenarios don't include the customer. Meaning from an “outside in” perspective. All engagement scenarios reflect the company and *their* social behavior and management. Not what is actually going on externally while moving through each scenario. A company could potentially get to scenario 4 with absolutely no customer engagement because “they” are finally prepared, but customers aren't engaging in return. Perhaps it's the definitions for each scenario, but it seems very one-way to me (i.e. “organizations that 'fully own' the customer). Perhaps I am misunderstanding the definitions?

    Looking forward to seeing the detailed version, perhaps it includes engagement from an outside-in, customer perspective.


  • Roxana_cq

    Hi Jacob!. Well the four scenarios you show are true. It is possible to get the last one, using the right technology to your business strategy. Many companies, would like the 4th scenario, but unfortunately don´t have the tech platform to get the customer´s engagement, that´s why the majority stayed in the second or third.
    I know some companies that have applied the manual control over these social networks, this is where few benefits come in return. They use excel sheets to register and measure from time to time the customers behaviour, but at the end of the road this turns inefficient to these people ´s time whose their job is not specially ‘a community manager’.

    Having a good CRM system integrated with the Social networks will help the busines strategy going forward and increase the productivity!.