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Trends for Companies Searching for a Social Media "Something"

Posted by on December 3, 2010

I was playing around on which is basically a massive job search engine that also allows you to look at trends for various job titles or descriptions.  I thought it would be fun to take a look at what’s going on with “social media” jobs and trends and…well…wow!  The charts below should speak for themselves but let’s just say that there are a lot of companies out there looking for folks who can “do” or “understand” social media.  Is 100% accurate?  I’m going to go with a NO on that but hey the trends are still there. says that they search millions of job postings from thousands of job sites, so I’d like to think that the information is pretty accurate.  You will notice that there a few charts below and some of them say “percentage of matching job postings” and other say “percentage growth.”  I played around with both just to give a better picture of what I found.

"social media" Job Trends graph

So apparently over 60% of all job postings online have “social media” in the description somewhere, that’s massive!

"social media" Job Trends graph

To give you an idea of what kind of growth we’re looking at for the “industry” I included this chart as well. Yes, that’s right, the peak is just about 1.2 million percentage growth…what do you say to something like other than holy sh*t!!  It’s really interesting to see that while this trend started in 2008 that it really didn’t sky rocket until just last year.

"social crm" Job Trends graph

I also wanted to take a look at “social CRM” as a job trend and while the trend is definitely growing the percentage of job postings that even mention “social CRM” are minuscule.

"social business" Job Trends graph

Same thing with “social business,” not a job title or description that organizations have started using yet.  Having said that though, I’m sure the role of “social business” person exists but perhaps it is just called something else.

"collaboration" Job Trends graph

I found this quite interesting as well, especially since I’m so interested in enterprise collaboration.  I suppose “collaboration” is a trend that we should be expecting to see?  However, the growth is pretty darn huge and I would correlate some of this to the whole Enterprise 2.0 movements we are seeing.

"community manager" Job Trends graph

I have to be honest here, I actually expected this percentage to be MUCH higher than the chart shows, I thought “community manager” would have seen a similar trend that “social media” did, guess I was wrong.

"community" Job Trends graph

I decided to look at the general trend for “community” as well, and while there is better growth there, it’s still not quite as strong as I had expected.  After all, a good portion of this “social media” stuff IS about community.

Clearly this whole “social media” thing is pretty big if the growth is THAT big and if THAT many job postings online are looking for “social media” help.  It will be interesting to see how this trend continues and shifts over the next year or two.  I’m still not convinced that most of the companies looking for social media are looking at this strategically, I think most organizations are looking at social as a way to sell more stuff, spam more customers, and market to a wider audience.  I also think that too often, social is being associate specifically with a tool or channel such as Twitter and Facebook.  Meanwhile over at Chess Media Group we are writing a client social customer roadmap that includes eCommerce, CRM, ERP, change management, collaboration solutions, and a few other things.  I actually don’t think we mentioned Twitter or Facebook once in the whole document.  A disconnect?  Ya, maybe just a bit.

What do you think of these charts/numbers?  Interesting or something you expected?  Ho do you think organizations are looking at social media?

  • valter conti

    Yes I thik so. But ,better regulation without rapresentation: Some guys (mr B. for example in Italy) are misanderstandig the active role in builting up to market value in social media of the sharing users: they are really building a Big grooving distribuited immaterial knowledge infractruture.
    What we need are only simple minimal rules.
    For example, b2b copyleft are still in ancient age respect creative Commons cross-media behaviour . We need to interface them with scalable widgets coming from online social bourses of media indexed raw stuff with fans' pools and editing apps in on line collective multimedia authoring facilities.
    Good work for all developers
    Conti Valter….

  • after 9 years of working in social media – this is great news!

  • We are seeing many revolutionary ideas in technology and it is common thing in today's digital communication world. Social media in particular, has terrific implications for organizations to spread their market area. The power of its viral spreading has made the non-profit organizations to choose them as top marketing channel. Businesses are seeing social media as their proactive commitment towards their customers satisfaction.

  • Very nice trends on your charts, and I agree with you. The social media took everyone by storm and there is all kinds of companies trying to get in and see how they can implement an strategy that works.

  • Brandon

    I definitely think both social media and CRM software have their place and can also come together, but the viral aspect of social media and the analytic perks of CRM keep them both as must needs for any successful business.