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What this episode is about and why you should care

This episode of the Future of Work podcast I speak with Cheryl Kerrigan, Vice President of Employee Success at Achievers. Achievers is known for its employee recognition platform that you may have heard of and some of you may be using in your organization. Also, it should be noted that Achievers was recently ranked as one of the best places to work in Canada. Cheryl and I talk about how organizations can do a better job of recognizing and incentivizing their employees, how organizations can create a more engaged environment, and some of the tactics and strategies organizations can follow. We also cover what Achievers is doing internally with their own employees. Cheryl talks about the really cool programs Achievers has implemented designed to engage and get employees involved in what the organization is doing. She also covers how organizations can apply some of these concepts and ideas to help create a more engaged workforce and a solid corporate culture. One of the things that I always talk about is that organizations have to shift away from creating a place where they assume people need to work there to creating a place where people want to work there. And a big part of that is recognition, rewards, culture and engagement. Tune in for a great conversation with Cheryl Kerrigan on creating a more engaged environment through employee rewards and recognition!

What you will learn in this episode

  • An overview of Kerrigan’s background and Achievers
  • The challenges of rewards and recognition facing organizations and how Achievers meets them internally
  • Kerrigan’s perspective on the impact of Millennials, the freelancer economy and contingent workforce on employee recognition and engagement
  • Kerrigan’s views on the open space concept and how Achievers addresses it’s challenges
  • Prioritizing culture – Achiever’s 8 values and an overview of Achievers’ many activities and programs
  • The importance of communication – Achievers efforts towards making employees feel connected
  • Talent management the Achievers way
  • Management and leadership at Achievers
  • Kerrigan’s advice to improve employee recognition and engagement
  • Kerrigan’s advice on what steps employees can take

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