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There’s a lot of talk these days about AI replacing jobs and offices and factories getting taken over by robots. One study found that 27% of employees are scared of losing their jobs to AI and 72% of people expect AI to eliminate more jobs than it creates.

Here’s the truth: yes, companies are using AI to replace and augment jobs, but they aren’t getting rid of humans. Dozens of large companies have automated their processes to replace humans, but instead of kicking those employees to the curb, they’ve re-skilled them and moved them to different, human-friendly parts of the company.
Instead of fearing AI, we need to embrace it. AI allows companies to automate mundane tasks, which frees human employees to focus on the more human aspects of their jobs, such as creativity, collaboration, and communication. Modern technology is amazing, but there are some things that AI simply can’t do. Those are the areas where humans will always thrive because the natural human connection can’t be replaced by machines.

Look for ways to automate at work. If your company isn’t actively finding AI solutions, take the initiative and find some solutions yourself. Don’t be afraid of AI. Instead, take charge and help your company be a leader in the field. AI is coming whether we like it or not, so we might as well be proactive and find ways to eliminate those repetitive and time-sucking tasks.

Think about the future. What skills could you develop now that will help when AI changes your company? Start developing those skills or encouraging your company to create a training program that upskills workers. Develop those softer skills that are unique to humans and that can’t be replaced.

You can also embrace AI by encouraging others to do the same. Instead of spreading panic, spread an optimistic attitude. When your co-workers see your excitement about the future of AI and understand the low risk of their jobs being completely eliminated, they can also be excited and help move your organization to the future of work more quickly.

The future with AI may still be relatively unknown, but embracing the change instead of running from it can help you set the tone for the future and put you in a place to showcase your uniquely human characteristics.

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