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The concept going through mass layoffs in order to make the numbers look better is relatively new. There is one company that has a story that shows us that there are other solutions to try instead of laying off thousands of people. What would you do in their situation?

Massive layoffs are relatively new, you really didn’t see companies laying off thousands of people prior to the last few decades. It really is a devastating thing that has a huge impact, not just on the individuals being laid off, but their families and their communities.

What if your organization was faced with a situation where layoffs looked inevitable? What would you do? Would you give in or would you try to find another solution? These are the questions Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, faced.

Years ago during the economic downturn this manufacturing company was facing hard times and Bob had to make a tough decision. Everyone told him he would have to downsize–the board, other executives, etc…But Bob didn’t give in, he was determined to find another solution.

So Bob and his team met and they came up with an idea to help the numbers in a way that would not leave any of their employees without a job.

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