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Computer Says No!

Posted by on June 2, 2011

I’m having a very interesting debacle with United Airlines and Lufthansa.  Long story short I flew to Slovenia on Lufthansa (a star alliance member).  Somehow my 12k miles were added to a Lufthansa frequent flyer program instead of my United Mileage Plus program.  After spending hours and hours on the phone the issue is still not resolved.  The response that I keep hearing from everyone at United is, “I’m sorry our computer shows….” or “I’m sorry the computer won’t let me…”  I am still missing my 12k miles.  I’m working on getting the issue resolved but we’ll see if I’m compelled to share my whole fun story.

Funny isn’t it?  We developed tools and technologies to do what WE tell them to do but the reality is that technology actually controls what we can and cannot do.  If the computer says something then it must be right and you, as the customer, are wrong.

I shared my experiences on Twitter and I had several responses from people telling me about a show called Little Britain and a skit they do called, “computer says no,” although it’s hilarious it’s actually a bit scary because it’s true.  I pasted a few clips below for your scary enjoyment…

  • haha… Computer says noooo… LOL

  • This was so hilarious and i really liked it and its true the tools which we develop to help us can some times create problem for us. Thanks  for the share.

  • lol.. computer says no!!

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